Basis of Human Behavior


Once we understand the Basics, we can uncode the world!

I believe that everything in life, no matter how complex or difficult it may seem, with the right understanding can become as easy as learning to walk, And as all good teachings, once you understand the basis that supports the principles of the teachings, you will find it easier to see how every component of it is reflective to its core principles.

Even walking starts with a basic understanding of principles such as balancing and gravity, people seem to forget when we began to walk at young. We did not understand what gravity was or why balancing was so important, but naturally we created our own understanding of how to use these sets of laws and principles to assist us in achieving our goal to walk. By continuously falling down caused by our improper positioning or miss judgment of our step, we quickly learnt that we must adjust something to achieve our next step. At this young age we did not understand the laws of gravity, we just understood the consequences of falling down if we Miss Judge our next move, and with this understanding we used the available information to achieve our desired outcome. This interpretation became our basic understanding, our foundation if you like.

But unlike walking, why is it so hard to understand the basis of human behavior, these basic principles that drive us and influence our actions?                                                              And why isn’t it thoroughly taught to us during our upbringing?

Unlike walking which requires continuous physical practice to cultivate the skill, Human behavior is created by default, it’s created naturally and subconsciously. As social creatures we primarily learn from our upbringing and surroundings, which shapes our beliefs on life and our understanding of ourselves.

So the question is, what are the basics of human behavior and why do we react the way we do?

Before we start, please read through this content with an open mind, this is my understanding through my own experiences and external knowledge I have been exposed to in my journey through life, I hope you can relate to it and give you an insight to yourself.

Now let’s begin, what are the Basics of human behaviors.                                              We as humans all act on emotions and feeling. When we are born into existence we have no form of known communication or understanding on anything, we are simply aliens in a new world.

In our early stages of life, we notice a sense of discomfort and from that discomfort we start to cry, not knowing why we cry, it’s caused by our human instinct. We simply act on the feeling of discomfort which causes us to cry. As our time goes on, we understand that from our actions of crying, it rewards us with attention, and quickly we cultivate it as a resource to benefit us. We learn that when we cry we get attention and in return we are rewarded with food, water, comfort etc. We attach a feeling of satisfaction to the action and in return we understand that if we cry, we get what we want and it makes us happy. (We get reward for our action if you like). As we go on in our journeys of life we start to pay attention to our internal instincts, feelings and also through what we see others doing, we are taught right from wrong, rewarded for our good deeds and disciplined for our acts of mischief. Not knowing why something is right from wrong for ourselves we use feeling and internal emotion to be the judge of our actions. As we get older we start to become conscious of another element. An element that creates the emotions and feeling in the first place, and the most important of all… the Mind

So when we felt the feeling of discomfort when we were younger caused by hunger, our instincts were triggered by our Mind, which sent off a command of discomfort (The feeling/emotion triggered by our mind), which in turn caused us to cry (The action generated from the feeling/emotion) So with that said we can see that the basis of Human behaviors are triggered from;

Mind – Emotion – Action                                                                                                                The mind sends a message to body that creates a feeling which in turn influences our actions.

But then the question arises, how does the mind control our day to day actions, if it’s not triggering a survival response such as hunger?

With the above concept in mind, we can see the basics of how our survival responses are activated and influence our actions in a time of need. We can use this same understanding as a foundation to help us understand how we can influence our day to day actions and start to take control of our lives. Like our survival responses, the Mind is responsible for triggering every emotion we feel, which in return influences our actions. If we start to pay close attention to your emotions/feelings and question ourselves “why am I feeling this emotion/feeling”, you will see there is an underlined thought attached to it. The power of thought to me is the basis of human behavior and the key to driving emotions and actions, but only once a thought has been accepted has the process begun. Once we accept a thought it becomes a belief.

Now a belief is a thought that has been repeated so many times that our minds start to believe it to be true.

And once a belief has been accepted, the belief will start to generate an emotion and attach it to the belief, once you have attached emotion to that belief it now reinforces it to be true and it starts to shape the basis of your personality, it defines your life, purpose and experiences.

For example, if someone had a thought of being overweight, and repeated that thought over and over again, they would start believing it’s true, it will become a belief, then with the addition of attaching emotions to it, it reinforces it and amplify the acceptance of it, we in other words reward the thought with our acceptance. We will subconsciously believe it to be true and as a result we will create an insecurity (Which is the emotion) which will shape the way we look at ourselves and carry ourselves in the world.

Many times we have false beliefs we attach to our realities, as humans act upon emotion. We live busy and stressful lives, and most times we do not understand that the emotion has been triggered by the mind, a thought we created subconsciously. We are mislead by our emotions and create concrete beliefs solely on a sense of reward or sensation generated by the action, not understanding the basis of why. We don’t question ourselves, we just act on the impulses. Let me explain this in a little more detail. When you eat junk food, you feel good, there is a good sensation we feel, we are rewarded for our action. We have now generated a feeling of happiness to this action, we have associated junk food as a reward. Even though we have been taught that too much junk food is bad for our health, we continue to eat it, now eating junk food every now and then isn’t a bad thing but when we continue to eat it, we tend to see the reverse affects. So why do we still crave it for, if we know it’s bad for us?

This is because the reward feeling we get from eating junk food, is amplified more than the consequence of not eating it. Because the reward feeling affects us more physically than that the thought of being UN healthy (the consequence), we subconsciously reinforce the belief to be more realistic than the thought of it being bad for us, because it has more feeling and physical reality attached to it. Further we then store this belief as a reward and compensate it in other aspects of our lives, we use it as a tool and we continue to further reinforce its belief. When we feel upset we then start to turn to junk food because we know that it make us happy and provide a temporary relief to our pain, We musk our true thoughts and reasons why we are down and replace it with a trigger of junk food, this is how an addiction starts, but I will talk more about addictions in my future posts. We have simply attached an emotion of reward to this food, so when life’s got us down and we don’t feel good about ourselves we resort to a quick boost of happiness given from this junk food.

So instead of giving into temptation why not ask yourself, “Why am I feeling down for”

When we start questioning ourselves, we take matters into our own hands, we regain control of our emotions again, now your thought has someone to answer to, instead of doing whatever it wants, I think of my thoughts like a child, when the child is alone, it is free to do as it likes, however once a parent is constantly paying attention to them, and questioning them, they start to become more conservative.

Now let’s say you’re feeling down because you didn’t get that job promotion at work, start to question yourself “how does that make me feel, does it makes me feel like I’m no good, that I’m not appreciated, that I’m not wanted?” How is that attached to junk food, it’s got nothing to do with it, does it!

It’s really amazing stuff when you get to understand it,

See how a thought of not being good enough has just defines the way you feel, your thoughts are only true if you believe them and attach enough emotion to it. If you choose to look at them from a different light and say, I don’t need that promotion to define my greatness, you start to feel more amazing in yourself, and if you continue to repeat this and attach enough positive emotion to it, that’s will intern become your new self-belief this will become your new value you give to yourself. This is the power you possess, you have now chosen to take control of your emotions, and with enough practice you will be a master of your feelings and thoughts, to shape your entire world.

A great exercise you can use to see how our thoughts trigger your emotions is to close your eyes for a minute and start to praise yourself, think of all your amazing qualities and experiences you have and have been through or even imagine the person you wish to become, attach as much emotion to it as possible, the more senses you can utilise the more real it will feel, then start to notice how your body start changing to reflect the thought and emotions your creating.

So again once, understand that your Mind (thoughts) create a Feeling (Emotion) which influences your Actions, this to me is the basics of human behavior, you can now start to take control of your life and shape your journey.

That’s how simple it gets, isn’t it easier to understand once you have grasped the basics.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog, please stay turned for more content in the near future, I will explain in more detail in future posts how you can start to take advantage of your thoughts to maximize your potential and a load of tips and tricks to help you take control of your life.

Remember to question yourself and your emotions, pay attention to your inner thoughts and take advantage of your situations. Please feel free to leave your comments below, take care for now.



9 thoughts on “Basis of Human Behavior

  1. Hey Simplisticinsights 🙂

    As is customary, I thank you for venturing so far from home and visiting my Blog. Your ‘followship’ is gratefully received and your presence most welcome. Thank you 🙂

    I came by to look around and see what treasures lay in store waiting to be found. A little delve into your Blog and I decided to settle here and dig in for an interesting read. You touch on many aspects of human behaviour with sensitivity and insight to leave a reader thoughtfully disposed and ponderous, a mark of good writing I think 🙂

    One paragraph that had me curious…’So again once, understand that your Mind (thoughts) create a Feeling (Emotion) which influences your Actions, this to me is the basics of human behaviour, you can now start to take control of your life and shape your journey’. I got to wondering if it is not the heart that firstly inspires the imagination to then deliver a thought to be made manifest in reality. To certain folks, poets, writers, artists especially, reality and life in general, is very much about shock and awe: the brutal truth of living on Earth in a physical dimension can be difficult to accommodate. But then such people, living as ‘outsiders’ (creative beings in a stagnant world) on the margins of society unaffected by the machinations of normality confront the rawness of life with an open heart and a discerning mind. Love of what they do is their driving force, and that perhaps starts and finishes in the omphalos of the heart. Like a rose, our delicate petals of emotion unfold around a golden centre to bloom and blossom through the mind. I have always thought that the heart drives desire, but it is thought that powers our flight.

    Thank you for an interesting read. I shall be back for more ‘food for thought’ from your well-stocked dining table. Until then,

    Take care in all ways for always and always.


    DN – 29/01/2017

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    1. Dewin, My pleasure, and thank you so much for your positive feedback, it is truly appreciated.
      Thank you for expressing your insights with me, they are very profound and insightful.
      For me I feel that the mind activates the emotions within one first, I think of it as an alternator within a car. I feel that the mind initially charges the emotion, in this case the heart and once the heart is activated, it takes over, see I feel that we still prime our emotions through our internal thoughts, be subconsciously or conscious. I feel once the heart is in an elevated state, it drive the mind as it feeds of the emotions its generating. That’s why when your in a low state and you start to focus on positivity, eventually you start to feel amazing, and the more emotion you put into it, the quicker you reach that happy state, until you subconsciously continue to feel great and it become subconscious as your focused on positivity 😀 thank you so much for your comments and follow. I am Grateful 🙂

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  2. Hey Simplisticinsights,

    You are most welcome. Thank you for expanding upon your ideas further and offering a little more food to feed my thoughts.

    May I ask how your perspective accommodates the irrational and often displacing emotion of Love? Is human Love a consequence of (higher) thought or solely a product of emotion borne in the heart? And what of Intuition, or receptivity to ‘resonance’ and ‘vibration’, or the intensity of receiving Divine Love? Are these deep-seated emotions received by a rational mind or deposited immediately in the heart and accepted as pure emotion? What happens when the mind cannot reach for a rational explanation…what sets the charge within the heart then? Panic? Is panic then an emotive response or a rationalised thought? One thinks of the natural ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ response to danger…is self-preservation an innate characteristic or a thoughtfully made decision upon which we consciously act?


    DN – 30/01/2017

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    1. Hi Dewin,
      Hope all is well, Thank you for your comments as always.

      I feel that Love is acknowledged through the mind before it is accepted internally.
      One can feel an overly sense of joy, and happiness as a result of curtain circuits being triggered subconsciously, for example, if someone continuously goes out of there way for your happiness, and genuinely cares for you etc. we feel a sensation of happiness and joyous feelings towards i.e. Love.
      It’s not until we except those feelings, as a source of a higher state does that abundant love start to grow. And as a habit forms, you too will eventually represent a positive perspective towards that person as well.
      I think a lot of times, we do process these thoughts that grow to be something special, but rarely recognise them. Due to its subconscious nature and process that takes place within us.
      Let’s say, you have a really good friend that continuously shows a loving nature towards you, don’t you start to recognise the affect they have on you, and once you accept it, you can truly start to experience the abundance of that feeling. The Higher Love.
      I feel intuition and vibrations are real and existent in all of us. After all we are a species of this earth, as all animals such as lion’s and birds.
      We do connect with nature, however due to our continuous desensitization caused by our current environment we are living in, we are not exposed to that sense as frequently (I feel that intuition and vibration are like senses, such as hearing and seeing) And as you know, if you don’t use a talent, you will never develop it and expand on its features. This is where I believe resonance fits into the picture, resonance is a further development from vibrations and intuition.
      Have a look at past history, we learnt about astrology and about the environment, built pyramids, with little resource, and great teachers taught us lessons that are still relevant to serve us to this date.
      See humans did not experience the stresses we are exposed to today, such as mortgages, bills and making a salary. They had he time to connect with the environment and themselves.
      They cultivated these skills, and the results are not hard to see.
      Receptivity- I feel, that we are all ready to receive all that the world has to offer, however, a lot of times we feel that it’s not our time, or we are not deserving of it.
      See when we are in this state of mind, even if your desires was right in front of your eyes, we would probably reject them and fail to recognise them. We would make rational explanations, to prove it’s not your time to receive it and that it can’t be true. We choose to ignore them, because we feel they are not in sight, and as they say, as you believe you shall receive.
      As for the fight and flight response. I fell, this is a part of our survival system, our human instincts. A default state within our makeup. I feel that the fight and flight response is activated, due sudden surge of thoughts, which cause our mind to go into an overdrive, which causes us to overheat. Hence why our hearts start to rise, palm sweat and all that fun stuff. That when we experience an intense situation, when we don’t know what to expect. It causes an overload of emotions and thoughts to be processed at the same time, before you can think of a solution and decipher the situation. We go into a panic mode. It’s a surge of power getting sent to the brain, and because it cannot process it all at once it reverts such a response

      However with that said, the fight and flight response can be activated prematurely. We can short circuit this response, by an over load of negative thoughts, generally when we make false assumptions to believe our lives are in danger. We accommodate this feeling by our thoughts and procrastination, to actively short circuit its response.
      When one experiences anxiety, we overload our thoughts and worry’s so intensely, that our mind experiences an overload of negative emotions, which in turn, prematurely activates the fight and flight response, a system overload. Hence why our body temperature rises and heart starts to pump faster.
      That is why, when we start to experience such an unconfutable feeling, we should try to relax and gain control of our breathing, to calm our body’s down and drain away the excess energy.
      Hope I have given you more insight to your comments, and thank you for reaching out.
      Stay safe and always well.
      Yours truly Simplisticinsights. 01.02.17


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