The Distraction Of Love

Understanding Love from a different perspective!

It can make you feel all sorts of happy, And again, it can make you feel as unwanted and abandoned, left alone grieving in the same place it found you.

But why can love have such an effect on people?, and why do we think so highly of love anyway?
What’s the difference between feeling sad and feeling love,there both feelings arnt they?
Why does Society threat on saying such a statement as I love you with such caution?

Is it because we as humans have given this very feeling such an identity of importance!

Pounder on this for a moment…
Humans can like something and they can Love something, So isnt it fair to say that love is just an amplified feeling of enjoyment and happy feelings.
Why when we’re Β in love with another, moments of our lives can feel at absolute bliss and other times as utter torture?
Heres my understanding of love.
Love – Love is an amplified feeling of conection, acceptence, belonging, enjoyment and absolute distraction from the world.

We change the way we look at the world when were in Love, such an amplified state of feeling starts rubbing off in everything we do, Were utterly distracted from this joyous feeling. Were always looking forward to seeing our significant other, just so they can recreate those feelings we felt the night before.
But, when its all gone, we feel like we are nothing without that person, and that our whole world has been torn apart.
See it wasnt the other person that gave you love, they mearly just guided you to that place in your heart and taught you how to feel your love in a different way, Realise that you self generated that feeling within you, they only showed you love from a different angle you never realised before. So if you created that feeling of love before, you can re-create it again.
So why not start love yourself with that much intensity and passion you gave to the other person, and start self generating an abundance of love within your life again. We are as we think we are, if we think and feel were amazing, we start to culptivate that feeling as a default state. Also start learning how to distract yourself by doing things you love, treat your hobbies as a relationship, with the same focus and giving nature you did in your passed relationship, get excited with it, distract your thoughts and you will see that you may start feeling amazing sooner than you think.
A great exercise you can use to keep yourself on track is, next time you feel down ask yourself ” would i want to be around someone who is acting like me” if the answer is no, then start acting the way you wish someone would treat you,
“treat yourself the same way we would love to be treated.”

Love yourself and you will see that you will be appreciated for it, beacuse your guiding someone to that fun place as you were once lead before.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, Please feel free to leave comments, Take care for now.


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  1. Yes, Both Love & being Sad are Feelings but the feeling of Love is a Complete Package of all Feelings…
    thats why they are Different… πŸ˜πŸ˜€
    Beautiful Post πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ’™

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