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  1. Hi Simplistic, thanks for following my blog, I am now following yours as well. I’ve only read a few posts so far, but I am really enjoying what I read. Your writing is very introspective. It is deep and very moving. It’s honest and from the heart. Nice to meet you. Hope to read moreof your wonderful work.

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  2. Dear friend,

    I like your poems. They have deepth and quality. Thanks for sharing them 🙂

    As you write in this poem with wise words: “We create our world from within” – Yes, I think so too. So very simply to say it: If we think positively our world will also change positively (without having pink glasses on). And it is also said: As we think so we become – to adopt the colour of our thoughts. Love can also find us then, when our mind is under control and we are no longer – its slave turning from anger into joy, lust, greed, hate in a permanent change and the like with which the chameleon mind directs us. The inner treasure, the wisdom, the flower of beauty and knowledge may then be discovered by us as a flourishing experience.

    Thank you, dear friend 🙂

    All good wishes to you

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