​That famous saying seeing is believing, What if I said Believing is seeing!  

That famous saying seeing is believing, What if I said Believing is seeing!  You would think I have gone mad right! And what if I told you, that we interpret the world based on our emotions, would you believe me!
Imagine you started listing down all the red coloured objects that pass your sight during the day, you will notice a strange and wonderful thing. You will start to notice so many objects that are coloured red around you, that you never noticed before. From your home, to your work place or even by just taking a walk outside.You will even start to notice things that resemble the colour red and accept them for being close to red.

It’s not that all those objects have magically appeared overnight, or that everybody just decided to rent a red car for the day. No, it’s because you’re actively focused on noticing the colour red, that those objects have become a prime focus to you within that moment. They have always been there, you just have not noticed them before, because let’s face it, what’s the big deal right, if its red or not! Unlike Love, Health, Financial, Quality of life etc. that hold an importance to us, we as humans do not focus on things that we don’t think we can benefit from.

But let’s have a look at this concept from another angle!

Using this concept above, it perfectly shows how we can interpret our views in the world judged on our current situations. See when we’re feeling upset, we start to focus on that feeling, we change the filters (our focus) within our lenses (our eyes) to interpret the situation.  We simply put on our unhappy glasses!

As we focus on the sad feelings, we start to reinforce more negative emotions within us, we then start to see the world within the feelings were experiencing at that exact moment. We feel sad, so we start to subconsciously focus on all the things around us that have or can make us upset, because that’s the feeling were experiencing.

It makes sense, just remember a time you got into an argument with a significant other. Let’s say they lied to you and it has shaken your emotions. Within that moment your mad at them, your mind will start to ponder and think of all the times they may of lied to you, or mislead you in the passed for their own convenience. Even if they did start explaining themselves, you would simply interpret there explanation in a bias manner to the current feelings your experiencing within that moment of time. You could even find yourself influenced to the point that you start focusing in on the slightest signs of deception as they talk, honing into their eyes, body language and even trying to catch a slight smirk from their lips, just to see if you can catch them out again and validate your feelings, depending on how much their lie has affected you.

But let’s say they surprized you and made you feel loved. You would instead reinforce that feeling of love and remember all those small gestures they have done for you over time and feel more love towards them, which will validate your emotion and thoughts. We simply see the world through the eyes of our emotions!
Once we grasp this understanding, that what we focus on, we start noticing and reinforcing its truth, we can then start to adjust our lenses in a way that can benefit us and our happiness in life.
Try this, wake up tomorrow morning and start focussing on love and Joyous things around you. I bet there are more things than you can list on paper that you haven’t noticed before. Remember no matter how big or small they may be, they all count! There is something about making a list of all the joyous things you have been through or you have around you that makes a world of difference. As you see the page fill up, you start to reinforce its truth and you start to feel even more amazing. Dont forget to feel the joyous emotions as you are thinking of each item and recreate that place of abundance your entitled to, it will reinforce its truth and make the experience even more fulfilling.

So what are you waiting for, change those old and overused glasses to a pair of new Ray bans and start enjoying your life today!
Please feel free to leave any comments, until next time Take Care.

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