​My, how the times have changed! 

We all have to grow up at some stage, Dont we….

We are all children at heart, we hear this all the time, but is it true?

Is it just a phase within our growth cycle we grow out of, or is it that our environment eventually shapes us to suit a stereotype that were supposed to become, in order to be accepted within the reality were living in.

Humans are the ultimate chameleons when it comes to adaptability, we adapt to every situation, camouflaging into our environments to better progress out motives. Be at work or socially we impersonate a persona to the world. If it be professional, authoritative or someone people will respect, admire and look up to, or be at home being the perfect wife, husband or child. We camouflage everywhere to gain the acceptance of others, and try not to draw too much attention to ourselves in the process of it.
And why not, we do it to advantage our situations which isn’t a bad thing. But at times of acting out perfection we sometimes miss out on the most important acceptance of all, ourselves!

Isn’t it amazing when you see some individuals that still have that spark of youth within them, how can that be, as if life isn’t stressful enough!

But how do they do it?

How can some people live so freely, with so much passion, that nothing seems to shake them?

Do they harness some special powers or are they on some crazy magical medication that we don’t know about, and if so where can we get some from, Right!

The truth isn’t in medications or anything mystical, believe me I’ve looked!
These individual simply understand themselves and understand what they react to. See they know themselves and they know there happiness.

It’s funny when we look back at our childhood and revisit those special memory’s through home recordings, pictures and even story’s from our loved ones, ” you were so cheeky, full of life blah, blah, blah” It’s hard to imagine at times that was us, so what changed along the way, when did we become so emotionless and so mature that it causes us to sometimes criticize others when there having fun.
As I explained in past blogs, we interoperate the world around us through our emotions and if our emotions are created with us, that means we judge the world through our highest state of feeling. No wonder we cannot relate to such a feeling of expressiveness, how can we if it’s inexistent within us.

It’s important to remember that we are still that young, cheeky adventurous child we once were, these qualities are never lost, only hidden. We put them in a box and clutter all life’s stresses over them, until they are no longer visible to us, unless we go in search for them again.
It’s not until someone reminds us through an emotionally spontaneous event that the child within is still existent, but even then its only existent for a brief moment and forgotten again.

Let me ask you this, once we learn how to ride a bike do we ever forget?

No, we don’t, but a lot of times were scared to even try, just in case we fail and embarrass ourselves, the shame of falling down for all to see would be unimaginable. We would be the laughing stock of the town, but why do we fear to fail in something we have already mastered.

Let’s reflect this concept within us, have we really forgotten how to be that bubble amazing person we once were or are we just scared to even try, as the world may criticize us, that we might call us childish for expressing our true colours. Is it really childish to be happy, is happiness really that funny, I think not. And how can you really be accepted by others if you don’t accept yourself!

Let’s think about it, how can you bake the most amazing dish if you never try it. Know your recipe, know your happiness and serve it to the world.

If you love and except yourself for who you are, others will sure love you back, and if they don’t maybe there not meant to be a part of your display. After all were all unique in our own ways that’s what makes life so interesting. Salt wasn’t meant to be with sugar.

Be true to yourself and in return life will be true to you.
Try this, next time you get an urge to dance to your favourite song at a social gathering, be the first to get up and start dancing, evoke those playful emotions within yourself and after some time you will notice others will be infected by your happiness.

A lot of the times we do so well at adapting in situations that we become a stranger to our own reflection, just remember that child you once were, that would run around with an imagination that could create a world of intrigue and curiosity still exists within you.

So feel the beat next time you hear your favourite song on the radio, get up and start dancing, celebrate your life and your existence, because were all truly amazing, but only when we believe we are!

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  1. Never let go of the inner child. Children laugh when they’re told not to or when grown ups/aliens think they shouldn’t. Damn those grown up/alien rules!! Let’s all be grown kids!!!!

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  2. Nicely penned! I think we are truly free if we don’t fear death anymore. If we imagined to be dead and come back again for a day, we would easily get up first and dance:-) (to use your nice example). In overcoming fear (or not forgetting our immortality) we can detach from the unimportant and connect to what really counts. All the best!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, When we realise we create our experiences in life and start to resinate with the kindered spirit inside, we can start to spice up our lives in the most joyous ways. we give our own meaning to life and situations 🙂 Thank you again!

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  3. What I enjoyed most about this post is the combination of innocence, hope and naivety. These are three wonderful components to experience in life because they open doors to experiences unavailable to those viewing life from a limited “concrete,” “tangible” and pseudo “realistic” perspective. The attitude you share gives the reader the RIGHT to spontaneous actions without regard to societal rules and impositions. I agree with you that this is part of LEARNING to experience the MANY JOYS available to all of us if we are willing to make OURSELVES available to them.

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  4. I love this. Thanks so much for following me so I could read this inspiring post of yours. I once heard a great expression it was The Wonder Child after I read this I was thinking how the Child is always open to wonder and innocence, not yet tainted by ideas of fear and ego which grow like a prison around us. In the same book John Bradshaw also spoke about the Soulful Child who sees the magic all around and within things. Its something deep inside that we would all do well to rediscover and embrace, shedding shame and pretence that come when we learn no longer to be open and present. Very thought provoking post. 🙂

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  5. It happened before, especially in my adolescence; I worried about how they would see me, what they would think of me if I showed myself as I was .. I lived on the others. Since my daughter was born, I feel that something has changed; I began to accept myself as I am, with my physique, my way of thinking, of being, and I believe that now people knowing me like this, my true self, expressing my way of being, are more attracted to me. The fear of showing ourselves as we are, and wanting to pretend otherwise, often isolate us from others, because we reflect that insecurity. Beautiful post; I hope I have written well, to understand! Kisses!! 😘

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  6. Wow!!! Your post is so AMAZINGLY AWESOME! It really brought me joy to read it. Very insightful but hardly simplistic. So very well stated.

    This post brought so many thoughts into my head – “When does that old enough to know better kick in?” for those of us that get accused of “being silly”. I guess this answers why I like to hang out with the kids at gatherings – they are more fun!

    I think being childlike and an individual is slowly drummed out of most people like the army does to recruits in boot camp so all the soldiers end up the same. A perfect example is found in the book “Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain” where the author explains how children who love to color and draw end up giving it up because they want to move on to realistic representations but don’t know how and there teachers don’t know how to teach them to “see” so they give up. The talent is there but the desire is buried, just as you stated because they don’t want there drawings to look like a five year old’s and get laughed at.

    You perfectly described the “Mask” that we all wear from time to time – especially in dating and other relationships where we are forced to put on a good front. I think that you have hit on a wonderful idea – How to find your inner child again and the things you once loved that made you happy. Vision board? Maybe they should teach how to protect your inner child in school.

    Thank you so much for following my blog! I would have never found yours or this fabulous post if you hadn’t stumbled upon me! I live in Sun City Texas – a retirement community – and they have a monthly magazine “Sun Rays” that this post would be perfect for (15,000 people) if you wouldn’t mind them reprinting it?? I would love for our community to hear your message in this post.


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      1. Absolutely!! I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to publish this for the community. When they do I will insure that you receive copies. They take a long time to go through the process of getting something in the magazine (my wife heads the Hawaii Club and they require submissions way in advance. The March cutoff is this Wednesday.) I will see if I can get it in for April. I will keep you posted via email. Thanks again for such an inspiring post.

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    1. Hi my friend, I was just wondering if you ever got to publish this Article within the monthly magazine “Sun Rays” would love to here how you went with it 🙂 Thank you again 🙂


  7. I am so glad you have written as you have. I have gone through life- wondering to myself- can anyone express that which I am feeling. Thank you for your insight and passion for life and truth. I will read more when I return home this evening. Robert

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      1. I wanted to express how thankful I am to read your writings. It is good for the Spirit within every one of us- to be met with such truth and words of wisdom. I used to think without sounding clever- that no one could really understand what it was that caused me to think and feel so deeply. Thank you !

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