59 thoughts on “Poetry!!

  1. Very nice! I like the musicality and the rhymes of your poem. However you may want to correct a few spelling mistakes: on line 12, change “sufficate” for “suffocate”, and at the end “hurricaine” must be “hurricane”, and “imbrace” must be “embrace”. I wonder why nobody has said anything about this. Anyway, as I said, the poem is beautifully written. Congrats and keep writing!


  2. Hello!

    First, the poem: that was an awesome read!! As a lover of poetry (and writer myself), I really appreciate finding good writing such as this. Loved the flow of the poem–not only was the content super inspiring, but also just fun to read a couple times aloud–you know it’s a good poem when it’s fun to read out loud.

    Second, thank you so much for finding and following my own blog! I really appreciate it! I am definitely following yours as well!

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  3. Rain o pain, no shame!
    asking for a name (title),
    (but) what’s in a name?
    Don’t we know the game?

    Your’s Great!.. mine Very Bad Attempt!
    Nice to meet you by the way as you came my way!….
    Thanks for the visit and the promise to visit again!…
    I will come back soon!

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