Collaboration with truly Amazing individuals

Hello Everyone.

I have been working with a band in Australia, called Rythem Dream.

They are an amazing unit of boys, very inspiring and talanted musicians.

i have posted a link below, Can you please help share it around and feel free to provide comments 😁

I wrote the lyrics to the song, would also love your feedback.

Enjoy and take care.

71 thoughts on “Collaboration with truly Amazing individuals

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      1. I put it on my google+ I love the swinging beat! it’s hard to hear the lyrics, perhaps you could write them on the screen below somewhere… also that hat is unbecoming, I find! it makes the singer look dumb. one more piece of “advice”: if he wants to look sexy he could take the sleeves off his t-shirt… just an idea!!!

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  2. Compelling lyrics, put across very well by the lead singer — and a nice, tight band there! I’m definitely sharing, Also following the band on my YouTube. Thanks for this —

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