The Odds Are In Our Favour Part II

If we never ask, we will never know!

Jesus, left us with the Golden Fleece to success, a teaching so simple, yet often over looked.

We seem to take a lot of teachings for granted, simply because we don’t take the time to acknowledge them, and honestly understand them. We don’t ask for others opinions, we don’t seek for explanations and we sure do not knock for help.

We can avoid a lot of un-necessary heartaches with minimal effort.

Stress can be reduced, mistakes can be avoided, and not to mention how much time we could potentially save (Time that we can never get back) just by asking a simple question.

The thought alone, not to ask, and live with a regret of never knowing, far out ways the disappointments, we experience within that very moment.

Now that’s a huge consequence, is it not!


But to make sure, before we ask another, we must ask ourselves and acknowledge, what it is we wish to obtain. To be clear with our intent, eliminate all confusion and possibility’s for errors. Remember that silly questions, will receive silly answers!

How is one supposed to support you, if you do not know what you want in the first place?

You just open the door of headache and disappointment onto yourself. As we said before, that every equal action, will result in a greater reaction of the same thing!


“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”

This lesson is so accurately structured, it is basically stepped out for us in the exact sequence it was intended to be undertaken. It amazes me, every time I think of it!

Let get straight into it.


When you’re thirsty, you actively Ask, Seek and Knock to find water. Your life depends on it, a matter of Life or death. Silly question really!


Understanding the Sequence of how this lesson was written, is so beneficial to us, that once we grasp it, we will be left questioning ourselves, “how was I ever so blind.”

There is a reason why knocking is not listed first within the lesson.

 Let me explain, by asking for water first, you are expressing your intent for what you want, you’re acknowledging and accepting it within yourself, and further informing another being on your intent. Nice and clear you engage yourself and others for their help and support. Appreciate the fact, that other have a resource of knowledge within their experience of life, they may already know where you could find water. And as a result, your chances of survival are dramatically increased, and for that complete. They have simply shortcut the process for you. See how the lesson, teaches us the shortest path to success, from the very beginning.

Amazing, Coincidence I think not!

But let’s say, they cannot help, you will start to engage the second step in the teaching, which is seek, You will start to seek for either more people to ask (Shortest path) or go in search for it yourself, for all you know it may be closer that you thought.

However if you do not succeed in seeking, you will then start to engage the last step of the teaching, which is knock, in other words, expand and seek outside your comfort zone to open opportunity’s to obtain your desire.



Ask people close to you, Family, friends, colleagues, people you’re comfortable around.

Seek, Actively Seek for it, around your current environment, search for clues in hope it’s closer than you think, seek for more people to ask, and Knock, expand your resources, open opportunities, ask someone you don’t know for help, engage various resources, such as technology and knock on the door of new experiences, get outside of your comfort zone, new experiences expose you to new circumstances and new people.

Realise that by asking a question, seeking an answer and even knocking on the door, are all forms of acting upon our desires intentions, a conscious decision, you are making within yourself, to act upon your desired intentions.

But don’t be fooled, Remember that making a choice to act (Actively Ask, Seek and Knock) and making a choice, not to act are both choices we are making. If you choose not to do anything at all, you’re still choosing to stay stagnant within the circumstances you’re currently experiencing. You accept your current fate. And time will eventually reveal the same outcomes.


When you’re thirsty you actively Ask, Knock and seek to find water, your life depends on it, and the consequence of not acting on it, is suicide. So when we choose to stay stagnant, when our lives are in a time of need, be a need of love, happiness or achieving you hearts dreams and desires. We are simply playing Russian roulette with them, waiting for all your opportunity’s to soon come to an end.

Remember to not make a choice is the choice of accepting our current circumstances.

Is our happiness really that priceless, when it’s comes free of charge, Change is free.


Really look into how special this teaching is, and the wealth of resource we open upon us, we don’t have to travel far from home to see the truth in it, let’s reflect in within ourselves for a minute.


We all have been living in this world for a substantial amount of time already,

Let’s say you are 45 years old, you have 45 years of life experience, how many people have you met during that time, how many experiences have you been through, how many skills have you learnt. Countless right!


See every single person in this world have their own story to be told. Their own world within them.

Their own sets of doors and opportunities behind them. Picture one as a door, and once you enter that door you have a number of other doors awaiting within the first entrance, Be family, close friends, skills, opportunity’s, and the cycle keeps continuing.


You can explore your options, by opening the other doors behind you, and getting a glimpse of what opportunities may await. You don’t have to enter the doors, but to know your options, gives you an insight of the opportunities at hand. This is real power!

Understand that every door, holds a new experience and a new set of doors within them, be smart, do not burn your bridges, by locking the doors behind you and throwing away the key, you can always return to the starting point as you desire.


That if you ask, seek and knock hard enough, a road will be found. Even if you’re still in the process of understanding what you truly want, there is no harm in seeing your options and opportunity’s that are possible.


There is an abundance of opportunity within each and every person and situation you choose to take. So start exploring your options and opening the doors, to discover more doors of opportunities.

Engage with others and be invited to experience a glimpse within their opportunities. This cycle is never ending, we really do have an abundance of opportunities all around us.


This leads me to another famous teaching, The Law of Averages, Which is automatically engaged as default, once we start to Ask, Seek and Knock.

The Law of averages.

This teaching explains that by increasing your odds, you are maximizing your chances of winning.


That the more people you approach, and the more experiences you engage in, the more chances you have of finding what you want.


Let’s have a look at American Roulette, there are 38 numbers to choose out of, the more numbers you bet on, the more chances you have to win, your odds of winning are higher. Life works the same way, there are a number of opportunities awaiting to be found, the more people you ask, the harder you seek and the more persistent you knock, the higher your odds are for success. So instead of going all in, with one number, why not bet on the whole table, and instead of gambling your life savings, why not invest with your actions, by asking, seeking and knocking, it won’t cost you a thing, It’s totally free.

Now that’s an investment for life, A Royal Flush!

So don’t forget, the more you Ask, Seek and Knock, the higher your chances are for success, spread yourself through many avenues, through social networks, meeting people, doing new things and increase your chances today. There waiting for you to discover them.


Stay posted, as I cover the final teachings in my upcoming post.

Please feel free to leave a comment, Take care for now.


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