Assumptions of an Ever Changing World – The Secrets of Decision Making


We are no stranger when it comes to decision making, by now one would think that we would have no problem at all in its participation…. Pfft, yea right! The thought of change alone, sends the shiver of uncertainty throughout our entire body. We are dealing with the unknown, and it’s only natural we feel this way.

Decisions can really take their toll, shattering our perception into thousands of pieces. Dragging us from left to right, only to leave one questioning the internal truths that were once believed. It is nothing more than an emotional rollercoaster.

One minute we are as confident as can be, the next we’re so confused we pinch ourselves in hope we will wake up from the nightmare we have indulged ourselves within.

But why do we put ourselves through such torture, such an insanity that takes us to the breaking point, each and every time!

Many times we already know the decision we would make, even before we have been dealt the stack. However when the opportunities eventually presents themselves, we instantly become an emotional train wreck, questioning each and every possibility known to man.

We have all come to meet, those individuals that don’t seem to threat a sweat when it comes to decision making. Those individuals that seem so confident within each dilemma that one has to only ask once, and within seconds their mind is made and set.

So why is this? How can they be so confident with the unknown, and how can we all learn to do this as well?

It’s quite simple really, these individuals acknowledge and understand a few basic principles. Firstly they have consciously decided their path in life, and have aligned their focus in achieve them. They have decided where they’re going and how they plan to get there. They Annelize the potential in each decision and decide which choice better suits and aligns with their motives. They understand that time is a virtual, that the more we swim within the oceans of uncertainty, the more we will be influenced and start second guessing our already knowing judgement.

Generally our first response to a decision at hand, is the true analysis of our hearts desires. The more we are consumed within the art of second guessing, the quicker our egos are self-invited to voice their concerns, and false beliefs to the discussions that take place within ourselves.

Some of us face the difficulty associated within even the smallest of decisions. This is due to the underline reason that we are simply taking each day as it comes. We either have no overarching destination or a somewhat idea, that we have not committed one hundred percent towards. We are still questioning where we wish to start and complete our journeys. We are simply driving down the road of uncertainty, waiting for the gas to run out, only take action when needed. No wonder decisions amplify the feeling of fear and uncertainty within us all.

With that said, decision making is not always easy. Especially when we are faced with those Major life decisions. Be relationships, deciding to start a family, commencing a new life in foreign territories, new career paths, etc. Which all present the potential to have a server impact in our waking lives. We tend to become insecure and question the thing we already know. We even tend to change our perception within the world around us, due to the emotional state we experience from it.

However decisions only become complex when they are influenced by one or more of the following categories;

  1. Fear- (fear of failure, uncertainty, not being adequate, lack of confidence or new experiences)
  2. Options that present similar or minor differences to each other
  3. And decisions that impact others and not in alignment with one another.

That life is forever changing, we know this. Within any moment the potential of change is evident and highly likely. We tend to lose sight of this so very often.

We become so comfortable within our routines that we forget we are only living within a chapter in our lives, and the pages are constantly turning. That nothing is forever, change is always around the corner.

When we remember this, we can start to dilute the patterns of thought, and future projection. That nothing is forever and provide us a little assurance to help make our decisions at hand.

That change is scary, but all new situations bring along new experiences. Never good and never bad, we choose to interoperate them as we like.

However, when we start to separate all the elements we can then choose to see it for what it is. I have come to find, that there are generally two major influences that shape all decision making.

Logic and Emotion.

Logic serves us wonders, however I find logic to speak an unknown language when it comes to matters of the heart and happiness. This is due to the underlined reason, that logic has a close relationship with our egos. And are generally influenced by fear.

Logic dictates situations upon past experiences, unknown future projections and internal understanding of who we are, and what is expected of us. It takes many factors into account, “how will I be judged by others, how will this affect my financial situation, and the general ‘WHAT IF” situations”

That logic serves its purpose, and can provide us with that little boost of confidence when needed, but I am here to say that logic, is only reassuring a predictable assumption in an ever changing world. So tell me, what is the logic in that that!

Let me repeat that again, Logic only reassures a predictable assumption, in an ever changing world!

Realise that we have to distance ourselves from the emotion attached to the choices at hand. Acknowledge that the more we indulge within the senses, the quicker we dilute all the smaller elements involved, which also hold a significance within our choices. They generally go unnoticed and ignored.

Understand that emotion is all generated, by our underline thoughts of the situation. We think of each and every scenario that could happen, based on a positive or negative frame of mind. Which in turn primes our internal state within the emotions we feel. And as you are aware, the most dominant feeling present at the time, usually amplifies the same response in all related situations. We project the world, from our internal emotions present, within the moment of time were living.

When others will be impacted, within our decisions, such as a relationship decision’s, deciding to start a family, or even creating a joint venture in business, etc. It is most important that you communicate with all parties involved. Be open and put all the cards on the table, express yourself and all your concerns. Table everything!

Remember that every decision you make, you must invest within it one hundred at ten percent. If you start questioning yourself, it is wise to revisit the thought patterns influencing your emotional state. Strip it away again and understand the logic, and emotions behind them. Understand which category your concern fit within. This will give you a more in-depth understanding to the internal dilemmas present within, then make a conscious decision you are willing to support. To give your word and commit to your decision is required. Because without a strong and solid foundation, even the tallest buildings will collapse in the event of a minor mishap.

Talking with others can be great to get another perspective on the situations, as their recommendations are not fuelled by your emotions. When one is not in direct affect to the decision at hand, they can interoperate the situation from a non-emotional state. However remember it will be interoperated within their life experiences and understanding. They only serve as an insight from another point of view. Take the time to hear their advice, as they may have some value that can be given towards the situations. However know that it is ultimately your decision to make and that you will be you left playing the card after it is drawn.

Remember that the effort we put into each and every situation will dictate our results! Why do we fear the unknown! Is it because we have a low self-esteem and lack of confidence within our potential we possess. That we know those who seek and practice in the art of persistence, will always find a way. There is no way we can lose if we are actively trying. Know your skill and practice its methods to success.

That life is forever changing, challenges are presented daily. Do we choose to raise to the challenge ahead or ignore them, it’s all up to us how we project it!

Life gives out what we put in, this is what we should understand. That if we always try and seek there will be a door in the mist. The question is, how prepared are you to prove your conscious wrong! That there is no right or wrong decision, there are only different opportunities at hand. We prime our responses before we are even dealt with the outcomes. We interoperate the situations prior to experiencing the true representation and opportunity’s at hand.

When we surrender to all the influences and see the decisions for what they are, it makes it easier to comprehend, remember it is just another chapter we choose to begin.

So always believe in yourself, there is only opportunity and new experiences to be gained.

I wish you all a world of happiness and best of luck in all your life changing decisions.Please feel free to leave your comments, Take care for now.









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  1. “Logic is only reassuring a predictable assumption in an ever changing world” – a very interesting point. This article really made me think about decision making and the way I interpret change.

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