A Life of Candy – All so Much to Discover


I am sure by now your journey in life has treated you with the presence of some truly unique characters, even those of similarity. With every wake an abundant potential awaits to be discovered. Truth be told there is uniqueness around each and every corner of our waking lives. Have you noticed how everyone is attracted to a range of different attitudes and characters dependant on their life situations and what they are seeking?  So why do so much of us put such emphasis on the way we preform our day to day doings?

This concept really got me thinking of all the unique individuals that I was blessed to meet along my journey in life and those that have remained close by. How, in certain situations and stages of one’s life we are attracted to a range of different traits within individuals. How our understanding of life matures as we go on and how everyone no matter your age or experience at the time can be drawn to even the most of extreme experiences that life has to offer. Call me crazy, call me insane, but hear me out before you do!

There are times in our lives that we may hear stories and revisit events that have taken place in the past, it’s hard to even imagine that was us right!, It has all changed now, we have grown up, circumstances change and people grow, sure we all repeat these very words within our ever revolving minds from time to time, I know! But do all these social and external pressures really change us for good, or are all our previously understood traits just suppressed. Dependant on our focus in life, we substitute our energy in all different ways. With each experience there are the pros, as there are also the cons. Within each event there is always something to be gained and understood in a way that differs from another. Do we tend to loose ourselves in the process of this journey in life, or do we just continue to grow and start supplementing our energy toward our current circumstances. Or, is it that we just mature to a greater understanding?

How do we achieve that equal balance of perfection that suits us just right? Stages and event take place for a reason, the problem that occurs is that we usually dismiss any event that has had a lower impact on our emotional state and only focus on the major ones to really justify our understandings. Negative experiences are labelled as negative, and we do a great job in the way we label it as a lost cause and let it rest without really picking out the needle from the hay stack. We fall into patterns that usually stay for long periods of time until a life changing event takes place to slowly shift us away and force us to change, or until we consciously decide to change it by repetitiveness.

To be honest we don’t really notice how much we change and grow throughout the course of our lives until we consciously try to see the changes. The process of change within one is usually slow and incremental, dependant on the situations at play. It can be hard to pick at times, even our closest of companions will seem the same if we are in their presence quite often. However once there is a gap present you will most evidently see a change. At times, the change will be that dramatic you may even find yourself questioning, how were we ever friends.

In all fairness though, there are still times that we may feel as though we have dramatically changed as life proceeds. Some reflect on this change as a positive, where others will feel a sense of discomfort to it. The takeaway from this post is to have us understand that the person we were, and the person we are now is the same the very same individual that was reflecting back at us all those long years ago. The people we admire and the individuals we look up to can also be incorporated within our all so diverse character as well.

Life is the ultimate candy factory, there are so many different flavour and creations ready to be tasted by all of us. Some sweets will be loved by some more than others. Others have not been tried yet and await to be discovered, some we may have just grown out of and we may prefer another taste now as we have matured. Within each life event and situation we will learn a little more about ourselves as we go on, some traits and characteristics that were learnt in the past never disappear they are just forgotten and others are just supressed by a more emotional underlining event that has diluted its effect and keeping it from surfacing, or you have just merged that understanding into a greater realisation that has caused it to seem all so new.

Understand that yes we do evolve as time goes on, but the traits we pick up along the way and attitudes we incorporate are all experienced within a different mind-set or understanding that can play a completely different effect on our internal experience. We have the power to pick and choose those traits we admire and practice their perfection in any way we like and wish. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself if you feel as though you are acting and forcing a response that makes you feel discomfort, understand that life is a one of opportunity and discovery. Let your hair down and let life take you on a journey that it has prepared for you. Understand the person you were in the past and the traits you learned that were admired are still existent. Pay attention to how your understanding toward them may have changed due to your experience and acknowledge the change within you.

Were we may more loving, caring, fun, positive, imaginative, and empathetic or open in the passed? Does it seem as though these traits have magically disappeared and merged into somewhat negative. Pin point what could have made this shift within your behaviour and see if your new approach is complimenting you or if it is just poisoning your approach today. Don’t fear change or new experiences because they are a way to expose us to new understandings and experiences. Be the best form of you that you can be. The one you were and the one you are today is the same you, start to notice all those patterns within your life. Are you supplementing your fun time with too much of your professional life? Are you avoiding new experiences due to negative and past happenings? Are you supressing your quirkiness just to avoid being judged and made fun of? Understand that this is your journey and you can shape all your experiences as you like. Always remember that the only true opinion that matters is your own, feel pleased with the one you are and experience life in an effortless way that brings you joy and happiness.

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35 thoughts on “A Life of Candy – All so Much to Discover

  1. I’ve enjoyed seeing experiences as candy. But, yeah, too often I get the earwax flavored Bertie Botts Bean instead of toffee. Yuck.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I went through a shift at the start of the year and I was so aware of the huge changes.. where before I may not have noticed, this time the shift was experienced physically and those in my life who I had outgrown made themselves known within a 3 week period they all reminded me of an old behavior pattern that I had corrected years ago.. all of them sensed the change.. knew on some level I could now see them clearly and acted out.. They got sooo uncomfortable until the conversations got to be fewer and fewer and now they are no longer in my life.

    Thank you for lending your voice to the world and AMAZING header image.

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  3. “It has all changed now, we have grown up, circumstances change and people grow”
    – i love this quote! As a college student, change has been and will continue to be imminent. Once we accept this fact that change is constant, we truly commence our path filled with all the flavors and candies one could imagine!
    I love how you stuck to the theme throughout. This was a good read. Thank you for sharing this with everyone! 😇💚🍬🍫🍭🍬

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  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I like the way you depicted the past towards the end. A lot of people say things like “let go of the past,” and “don’t let your past haunt you.” You added a fresh perspective in that people have great and admirable things that are apart of their pasts. These things are not meant to be forgotten. They play a role in forging our futures. Thank you for your insight.

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  5. A nice piece! I look back on some writings of mine that I found funny back in the day, but now not so much. Or I find some scribbles, with which I do not necessarily agree at this point in time. Our experiences shape us. Whether we like it or not.

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