Possibilities are Endless, Similarities are Present and Anything is Possible


There is something all so magical about the way we find yourself strolling unexpectedly through unexplored and never seen before territories. Acknowledging hidden alleys, cities, caves, mountains to even fountains, valleys and waters. Taken by each sight and breath we see and breathe. Distracted by nature, manmade structures and truly unique individuals. The question is, when you are captivated by and taken hostage by each and every single moment you experience, what will define you!

It is ever so evident how light we instantly become, whilst effortlessly swifting through life’s path when we decide to just let go and embrace our limitless spirit. When we really start to Intune ourselves within each experience with no expectations, deciding to leave no rock unturned within our discovery’s of travel. Friendships are made, new skill and personal understandings are created to the point of enlightenment for some. We change our approach to life and usually start to be influenced by the new environments around us. But during so many meetings and acquaintances we gain along our travels, one thing is evident. No matter how much we learn and grow into the person we wish to become, we will all have a story to be told. No matter where life takes us and how much we evolve, we never forget our foundations and early learnings. Sure we mature with each moment we are blessed, but there is always a sense of home deep within us, that always remains.

Travel is something that is admired within many of the modern era. Some of us are motivated to travel for the experiences, others for a sense of growth or excitement and others just take advantage in embracing the ease and opportunity’s at hand, and why shouldn’t they right!

Thinking back to my travels and all the abundant experiences I have been blesses, there are a few simple truths I noticed, especially within western societies. That is that we are all battling these same understandings and earning for the same things in one form of another. From city upbringing to the country side many of us are ever so similar than we think. If it is love, family, personal growth, health, carrier, dreams and aspirations they are all one of the same desires we all share.

Let’s face the truth, we have all dealt with our fair share of heartaches, and troubled by the same global issues. Global warming, terrorism, natural disasters, health dilemmas, you name it. We have all either been directly affected or have experienced it second hand through close acquaintance and it sucks!

Many of us have such a hard time relating to people and even relating to ourselves at times. We look at life and others from such an isolated standpoint. Endlessly trying to justify with ourselves on all the little differences we have toward others just to prove how different we may be. “I don’t fit in because of x, y and z,” “it’s for the best, they wouldn’t understand anyway” But truth be told, the more we focus on our differences, the more we drift apart. During our travels we tend to openly embrace the cultures and differences we experience. Maybe it’s because we know it’s only short term, and not forever. But when we return to our routine lives we eventually forget our new understandings and they eventually become just another vivid memory, scrapped aside like the rest of them. We discard the strange and weird in others when we are in the comfort of our routine environments because they just simply don’t fit and present us with too much un-wanting attention.

But the simple truth we so evidently miss or choose to ignore is that we all so similar than me know! This understanding is something that major organisations have recently started honing into and are now using it within their marketing approach and it is working wonders!

Firstly we are all one of the same species – That’s right the human race. With this piece of understanding we are already ever so aligned to each other. We all have two eyes, two arms, a mouth and toes. All our physical functions can do the same as another. We all have the ability to utilize our five senses, smell, touch, sight, sound and taste. We all have a brain, heart, imagination, breathe and all feel emotions. So we already can relate to a majority of others immediately.

We all have the same functions, we all have the ability to understand and experience any emotion that another is currently experiencing, so why don’t we take advantage of all of this! It is like buying the newest iPhone and just using it to make calls without exploring it to its full potential. Call me crazy, but there is so much left un-discovered by many of us!

We focus so much on separation that we lose the meaning of togetherness and let our egos and negative behaviours guide us to the point of isolation. We start to become shy distancing away from the pack, negative experiences and learning phases throughout our lives start to imprint and scare us in all we do. But we are all still learning and these happening should be understood from a learning mind-set and an exploration frame.

That all of us are capable of greatness, good and evil, we can sympathise with anyone we wish to and we can find commonality’s within everybody we meet. Now we are unique and there is no one just like us, but these are our quirks, the golden Easter eggs imbedded within our personalities, they are not a reason to make us feel some sense of superiority or neglect toward other.

Truth be told we are all children that never really grew up, there is no right or wrong. We were never issued any instruction manual on how to behave or how we should undertake our day to day doings, we are just simply learning each and every day by our environments. We are all trying to fit into an ever evolving world.

I recently heard a speech from Mark Zuckerberg the other day, he went on to explain ones purpose and how we immediately expect major corporations to introduce new ideas, never even considering that we could be that change the world is urging for. And as these talks usual do, it got my brain ticking. I started questioning myself that if we are all just learning from the environment around us, what makes any of us different to those of higher power? If we are all children always learning but never actually growing up, then aren’t these individuals of higher power just like you and I? If we are all a species of the human race then are we not all on even playing fields?

Yes it may take more work to get established and become noticed, however this may work within our favour. The trick is to focus on the subtle truths. Small changes and the ever so evident are just as profound as those of impossible. If we are all of similarity, then truth be told, we all respond to the same things like everybody else on a subconscious level.

Facebook, started to connect Harvard, however as Mark Zuckerberg explained, never did it ever occur to him that he would one day connect the world, he started off connecting Harvard but that’s where he thought it would stop, until he eventually connected the entire world! He explained that connecting the world was something he thought major corporations would do, not that he would be the one to actually make it happen and look at him now.

Steve Jobs understood the similarities within man, he made small and subtle advances within all his products and eventually made his name one to be remember for generations to come.

So truth be told, the very morals we hold are not so hard for people to understand, dilemmas we hear that others are facing and battling though can be sympathised by all of us, the strangest ideas we magically envision are not as strange as we think. Awkward moments, shyness are not something that is really holding us back. Possibilities are endless, similarities are present, and anything is possible.

I feel that many of us dismiss the ever so evident only because it seems all too easy and this causes it to become unbelievable. At times I sit and think to myself how past generations, especially those at the earlier stages of our saga achieved the unexplainable, was it all due to the simple understanding of knowing the human functions and potential a little more than we do now, with no distraction from a demanding and ego driven world, maybe they had the time to really understand themselves and what others crave for.

The more we discard the feeling of differences and start to realise our similarities and togetherness, I feel the closer and more loving the world will become. That we are all one of the same, sure we have different methods of achieving what we desire but the functions are one of the same. Understand that the world is not as complicated as we think it may be and if you can truly understand yourself, you have the ability to understand everyone that shares this very gift of life. And never forget, if you can see it then you can create it!

Further if you are interested in watching Mark Zuckerberg’s speech he gave at Harvard, please click the link below.


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26 thoughts on “Possibilities are Endless, Similarities are Present and Anything is Possible

  1. Very good. I particularly enjoyed these words: No matter how much we learn and grow into the person we wish to become, we will all have a story to be told.

    Indeed we will. We are writing that story right now.

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  2. First I appreciate the visit and follow…Your site is beautiful; can almost taste the color…I give you a poem in payment….

          Dew On Web

    Sweet dew drop on spiders web
    Slinks so slowly
    Sliding on slippery satins path
    To multiple junctions
    Then divides just glides
    On its way to tiny splash as last

    It takes so long we think
    Our time line stretched
    Such arrogance we must profess
    As if the dew belonged to you
    To think
    Mere man controls its quest

    Light sees the drop
    Of heavens wealth
    Reflects refracts a rainbow worth
    All mans jewels
    Possessed by few can not compare
    To simple dew

    Bothersome all this disparity
    That mighty man
    In all sincerity
    Can not create the master
    Jewelers water dot
    Such reality a mortals lot

    Wisdom whistles in the wind
    Never going always been
    You must listen with your heart
    The little spider was the start
    It kills to eat entangled meat
    We can not win without defeat

    There is no beauty to be possessed
    Unless first pain and then the rest
    Sorrow precedes the deities feat
    Dew drop
    Dew drop
    Oh so sweet

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    1. WOW! Thank you so so Much 😄 beautiful poem very insightful and meaningful! you sute have a talant, my pleasure and thank tou a million times over for sharing your all so beautiful poem with me, it means so much xoxo


  3. Very inspiring! It’s nice to be able to connect with like minded people. Sometimes I feel lost in this world because I sit back and see so many people locked into the hustle and bustle of life and forgetting that we are hear to experience for our very self. If everyone only knew that they hold the power of their reality!

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