Inspiration, Motivation – Making Dreams Come True!

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Have you ever woken up with so much energy, you couldn’t supress it no matter how much you tried. That moment of genius, catching waves of gold as they swish on by your all so busy mind. That moment your inspired by another taking a chance on life just to prove the masses wrong! Yes we are all amazing beyond our greatest imagination. All the worlds’ riches are in reach as long as we stretch our arms high enough to grab them. All we need is laser focus, solid belief and consist motivation to carry our inspirations to reality!

On the other hand I am sure you have also woken up in reverse, feeling drained, un-motivated, allowing life to just take its same old predictable course that we have been on since as far as we can remember. Those Annoying patterns of failure continue to immerge just enough for us to feel the wrath of its force? Truth is these days can make us feel quite Inexistent at times. It’s a real dilemma that’s for sure, nothing pretty about it! However these days of unfortunate waking’s don’t have to remain in a negative mind-set, all we have to do is transition from an un-wanting state to one of possibility and belief. They say once life opens its doors of abundance, it will flow in so quickly you will be left questioning yourself “where have you been all my life”. However in all fairness it is so easy to be discouraged and can feel that we are flowing against the current at times. Gifting nothing but misery in all you attempt to do. Once we get stuck in the belief that life’s doors are so jammed up that even a butterfly living another day has more chance of survival than the blunt and bent chisel we are using in hope to jar open the doors of our fate does, it is easily to see how we can just give up without really trying. It is important to remember that the good and the bad are just mere stepping stones, hidden lessons within a wind of gusts. This is the moment that we must turn to the mirror and ask ourselves, do I have enough faith, do I believe. This is where motivation works wonders.

Now what is motivation you say? I am so glad you asked! Motivation is an extended emotional state that is created once we decide that our inspired cause or goals are possible, even if it seems momentarily at time. Motivation is the feeling of persistence and knowing that you can make anything possible, if you choose to. Motivation is a force of power that keeps the fuel tank always full, and our hidden adrenaline in prime form, it is a state of power.

Do you believe in coincidences or accidents? With every single event and situation there is something to be learned as we have explained in the past, but how you take the experience and choose to incorporate its lessons within your waking reality is what makes all the difference. Inspiration is what your heart earns for, what it desires, it is the belief that what you desire is possible and in arms reach. Motivation on the other hand is the trait that will keep you trying if you believe it for long enough. Proof is all around us, it may be seem scares to see at times, however it’s evident enough to make us believe it is possible. To dream and be inspired means that your idea of possible has resonated somewhere deep within your make up, it’s the art of being in tuned with what is possible and the art of feeling it throughout your spirit, body and soul. To continue to feel your belief in a positive way is what causes motivation, not to be discouraged at the first mishaps that occur. See I believe that mishaps are not accidents or coincidences that cause us to derail at times, instead I fell that they are higher workings protecting us and even serving us as reminders that are; there is either more to be learned, reminding us that we may need to believe more or just that there is something better coming soon enough and it’s not our time just yet.

Many of us keep on life’s course just long enough to believe that this is all we are destined for and build a comfort around it. Just dismissing all the ideas and possibilities that are achievable out of shear fear. However those that take a chance on greatness and really Intune themselves in reaching their goals will be the ones that shape the world and create an impact within others or even the world!

To dream and to believe that anything is possible is the first step to achieving greatness, to catch on to that dream and continue to believe it with every single moment you are blessed is a truly powerful act that continuously pushes us a step closure to making it a reality. The world acts in strange and weird ways we know, but if we never see our dreams through all the way, they will always remain a mystery for us.

Let go of fear and believe that the impossible is just a word to describe something that has not yet been experienced as yet, not that it can’t be.  Play your odds for a big success. Understand that when mishaps occur they are lessons in disguise and blessings, keep positive and keep your burning desire alive, you are sure to create an impression in others with the energy you exude and have them believe as well. Be that positive impact you wish to see in others and see how life rewards your doings. Act as though you have already achieved your goals and you will see how the results will start coming in ever so quickly, it may even through you off balance with excitement.

So what are we waiting for, lets spring out of bed and approach every situation in a positive mind-set, don’t settle for any less than your dreams, because this is your life and you are worth it!

I believe in you!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and look forward to all your comments.

Until next time, Take care


58 thoughts on “Inspiration, Motivation – Making Dreams Come True!

  1. Absolute excellent writing. Love it! To have that dream, but no idea how to reach it. Then God lays something in front of you that resonates with your entire being, and Boom! The past two weeks, I have been so excited it’s been difficult to fall asleep! I wake up, jump out of bed, and embrace the day! Just so excited! ❤

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  2. I really loved it, I needed something like this lately. I’ve been feeling tired, unwell, unhappy, not even knowing why!! Maybe because I haven’t got anything exiting to wait for? But Yes, motivation and inspiration makes dreams come true. I hope to feel such way tomorrow…. Thanks

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  3. I feel lucky to have such a great person here .Your post is powerful and inspiring .It’s soothing which gave me positive vibes.Thanks a lot.😄

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  4. I wake up sluggish but once I get started it high energy until midnight. I don’t believe in accidents or coincidence, I do, however, believe in Divine Intervention!

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  5. Thank you for following my blog and yes motivating ourselves to do more is a good thing. Once you get in the habit of doing something constantly the need to constantly motivate ourselves reduces until we don’t even think about it like going to the gym in the morning or taking time to write a 1000 words a day – you don’t even think about it!

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  6. Fantastic post! I especially loved “To dream and be inspired means that your idea of possible has resonated somewhere deep within your make up, it’s the art of being in tuned with what is possible and the art of feeling it throughout your spirit, body and soul.” I’m growing seriously inspired by the Aspire online training I’m currently taking. And “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss is wonderful. It’s about the New Rich not settling for the traditional “work three or four decades at jobs I don’t really like and don’t make very much money at so I can retire in my early 60’s”. It’s about Lifestyle Designs that allow a person to experience true adventure and fun and instill a true sense of purpose in their lives in creative, outside-the-box ways.

    Anyway, your blog is extremely well-written and brimming with inspiration. Keep up the great work.

    Speaking of inspiration, info about my ePub/book is available at

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  7. Well I just found a kindred spirit, no question! I love this and your philosophy! I just put mine/ours to the test after a series of nightmare events (you can get a taste of it all and my process of digging myself back out in my blog if you are curious). It would have been so much ‘easier’ to blame everything on karma or focus on the tragedy of it all. But there is always a gift. Always. I can’t see all of them yet, but they are there. Thank you for your beautiful writing and reminder of why we are here.

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I agree with you 110% and thank you for sharing your insights with us all, I know it will be truly appreciated by all! I will have to dig through your blog – you have me all so curious 🙂 xo

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  8. I love the way God places dreams in us. That even when you doubt your ability to manifest it the dream keeps burning inside. Don’t suppress it walk in it!! Let your faith propel you forward and it will happen!

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  9. I’m quite new to blogging but have been following your podcasts for a while and love them! You have such a lovely voice too! Very sophisticated! lol thanks for liking my post I’m not her! Takes courage to share our experiences but I think it really helps others that are going through a tough time. Who knows, one day I may be able to do inspirational vlogs too! lol

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  10. Thank you for another inspirational post!
    I do agree with you. I do must say; however, that sometimes things can happen abruptly, even if you are amidst great energy, and happiness. At least with me. It is the part of “The Secret” that I am currently dwelling about. Because you can be feeling very happy and energized and good for all, but then something happens.. that makes me feel once again depleted. When this happens, I try to motor through regardless, until the next wave of love and energy is felt deeply. You might be it! Thank you!

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    1. Life is a process of jugling until we gain a solid stance and unbreakable understanding 🙂 to live each and every moment at your best will make a world of difference 🙂 even if we need to practice it to perfection at times 🙂 it makes us stronger xoxo

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  11. Beautifully written!🙌😊
    Reminded me of the quote that says: “The ones who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world are the ones who usually do!”

    There truly is always a lesson to be learnt in everything we do or experience and should always be used as stepping stones to propel us forward.

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