Intuition over Reason – Unlocking the Sixth Sense


I would like to invite you on a journey. A journey of self-discovery and questioning. To present an opportunity for you to learn a little more about the person you are and your capabilities. A quest of trust and inner voice, designed to give you an insight that can help you experience a world of feeling and knowing even before you are presented the outcomes. It may seem unbelievable at first, but let me assure you that it is only a result of our disconnection to the world around us! A reality understood only by prior reassurance and fear.

I want your mind to walk alongside by mine for a moment, to unlock a hidden potential that we all possess. It may seem as though we are disconnected at times but it will all makes sense in the end.

We are living in a time that keeps us forever stimulated and we can see how adaptable and persistent we can be. We excel in an ever-changing world and we can multitask more than we have come to know. At times we feel indestructible, onto of the world juggling more than an acrobat in the middle of a circus show. Other times we feel as though it’s all too much carrying a world that outweighs us more times than one. But don’t be fooled by what we are being presented, the things we choose to take upon us and action. There is a sense we are using but it seems to be camouflaged and it’s time to make it present.

Intuition seems as though it’s all made up, we hear of it often but truth be told it doesn’t really measure up. So what is it and how can we experience this amazing additional sense that seems to be swept under the rug, just gathering dust until it seems inexistent. When I think of Intuition I instantly think of human instinct, that sense of understanding something instinctively without words or conscious reasoning. It’s a knowing of certainty without evidence. It is a subconscious experience and a marvellous one at that!

Albert Einstein once said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift” But what did he mean by all this? A man that has had his name live on through generations and many more to come must have seen a potential in all this!

Intuition is something that has become so distant to all of us, somewhat of a myth and disbelief. But before we go to fly with the fairy’s in a magical wonderland, let me express my understanding from within and how I have come to Intune myself with this sense of wonders.

Firstly let’s open our minds to the possibility of the unexplainable with some knowing that has been presented to us but never really explained. This way we can start to grip this understanding in a logical way. Can I ask you if you believe in human/animal instinct? How can animals sense when it will rain or when there is danger about without being presented the evidence at first? Could it be that it is subconscious and that is the reason it stays so well preserved underneath our actions. Or how were our past ancestors so Intune with their environments that they created works of wonders that we can’t really explain today. Yes I’m talking about the pyramids, civilization, cultivating language and understanding astrology. Was it a result of having far less distractions than we do today, which helped them to really Intune themselves with the environment around them or with their intuition? Hmmm back in a time that nothing was confirmed with so much to discover, they didn’t have any evidence they could fall back on to reassure them on their hypothesis? No conscious reasoning of reality or imaginative! So they must have used intuition via trial and error! Could it be that we are so Intune within this modern generation of reassurance and only believing things that have solid evidence attached to them, even when there is still so much to be learned! Ponder on that thought for a moment. Or is it because our all so busy lives have finally taken us away from our natural habitat to camouflage our true potential.

Intuition is a feeling that signals warning bells or magically makes us feel reassurance to a certain dilemma we are faced via an internal feeling or hunch as they say without any form of proof or evidence. But don’t be fooled of the potential you possess as it seems to lead us astray at times. The way I look at intuition is understanding that it just like all our other senses. At times our eyes play tricks on us or our hearing gives in due to other supporting elements that seem to sabotage our understandings. Like our other senses, the way we understand intuition and use it is critical. We all know that mental reasoning always tries to mask our true intuitive sense by either past experiences, or even fear that can make us give up on even trying to Intune ourselves with it and even make us believe that it is inexistent.

Let’s try something for a moment, all together. Can I ask you all to close your eyes and actively focus on your surrounding environment? Feel the air pass through your body, listen to the surrounding noises and focus on how all your senses are responding, gathering information by sound and touch solely. Now clear your mind and picture a colour of pure white emerging all around you until it is all you see. Focus on the sensations around your body, can you feel the Goosebumps or as I like to call them our scenery buds absorbing all the surrounding information to help clear our minds and help us to silence our thoughts and internal reasoning. We neglect our senses ever so often and I believe it is because we have trouble silencing our minds. Also because we have fallen into this belief that if something is not justified with solid evidence then it must be make-believe. See when we feel unhappy or depressed we start to indulge within our conscious reasoning and ignore everything but negativity around us. But what if these feelings are our senses working as a gentle reminder that our position in life may not be right, can it be a slight reminder that maybe it’s time to work on a certain area of our lives or that something must change. Maybe our bodies are reacting in a negative way, just to reminding us to shift our focus into a positive mind-set. This is also a form of intuition or human instinct. To be couscous and willing to open ourselves up, will in time help us all to tap into this amazing sense that we all possess.

We can listen to logic, but we must also listen to our souls as well. Somethings are left unexplained to the conscious mind however the subconscious picks up on all this data that your mind has come to believe is not relevant.

As we have adapted so well into our external status orientated environments, I feel we have distanced ourselves away from listening to our true desirers. Intuition may be many things, it may be higher powers guiding us through the energy of the world, or our subconscious that picks up patterns that seem to be forgotten. It could possibly be the language of our souls or our hidden desires voicing themselves. Whatever this amazing sense is, one thing is for certain! It is just as important as our other five senses.

When I am troubled in making an important decision or I am feeling down, I feel that taking a break and trying to Intune myself with this magical sense can do me wonders. I think in the space of possibility and positivity. There is no wrong choice or bad chess play at hand, there is always so much to be gained.

So I ask next time you feel a little down or are faced with a dilemma that seems all too clustered. Take the time to voice your inner understandings and get a feel for what you earn for without that internal reasoning. Who knows it may just be what you needed all along. After all the one and only Einstein himself credits intuition for much of his success, that’s enough proof for me to trust in the power of Intuition. So listen to your intuition to help support your decisions. Let it help navigate you through a road of uncertainties, challenge your assumptions and enhance that Intuitive intelligence we all possess together.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post, I would love to hear everyone’s insights on intuition, so please feel free to comment.

Until Next Time, Take Care


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  1. Loved this! I have a hard time getting to “white” — the upper reaches are always red for me, but I so believe in the intuitive approach and the intuitive answer.

    On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 10:17 AM, simplisticInsights wrote:

    > simplisticinsights posted: ” I would like to invite you on a journey. A > journey of self-discovery and questioning. To present an opportunity for > you to learn a little more about the person you are and your capabilities. > A quest of trust and inner voice, designed to give you an insi” >

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    1. Thank you for sharing ypur insights with us all, understanding that everyone has a unique way of silencing our minds – the importance is that we can silence oir minds enough to experience this amazing sense 😀 thank you so much Ifpessemier intuition is a very helpful sense and a powerful one aswell 🙂 xo


  2. Well said….very thoughtful…..I DO listen to my intuition, and in some instances when I do NOT pay enought attention….I can really feel and notice the difference, so I too, heartily endorse more of us using this intuition sixth sense! It works so easily, and amazingly when we look for it, and listen for it as well! Thanks!

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  3. In my later years I have learned to trust my intuition more and more. When I was younger I would tune it out and now I tune it in. I believe it taps in to a time when we survived by being aware of our intuition and not relying on our intellect and learned knowledge as much as we do now. Thanks for this post.

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  4. Thanks for the follow. This is a awesome prospective and I often believe intuition is powerful weapon everyone of us possess. 😁✊🏽

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  5. An excellent post… You are so right when you say “Intuition is something that has become so distant to all of us, somewhat of a myth and disbelief”… But as you state later on we should trust it… I think that there could be a more hidden dimension related to Intution. A subconcious experience, maybe… or something that might go beyond our understanding…. 😀 Sending love & best wishes.

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  6. Enjoyed the post… I like to think that intuition is something to be exercised, like a muscle. We can all learn to use it — yes, it’s as important as our other five senses.

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  7. I agree that we need to relearn to use our intuition because it knows and senses more than our more individualistic reasoning alone. I also agree that, unfortunately, in most cases we need to go to some kind of “disconnect” struggle of failure of some sort before wanting to truly open and tune in with our intuition.
    I believe I have been working on and off with my intuition and it has helped me tremendously along the way. On the other hand, a great deal of pain still exists, and I am not sure if it is because I still need to work on my intuition harder, or if it is part of the growing path regardless. Part of it is because we live in a world where bills need to be paid, meanwhile trying to keep the faith and the spirits high. I then try to use my reasoning and intuition working together to find the best solution for every situation and everyone involved at all times. This is a balance act “being in the world without being worldly”. One thing I can say is that my intuition has helped me to see the light and the next step while navigating thorough dark castles and meadows.
    By the way, than you for liking my post, and being the first one as well.

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    1. My pleasure 2gatherblog 🙂 i am humbled that you have shared your insights with us all, i know it will be truly appriciated by many.
      The act of balancing always works wonders and I am so glad that it is working for you quite nicely.
      I honestly beleive that pain does exist, but it can only harm us when we give it the right to, by our understanding, at times major mishaps unbalance us and like the flu sticks when we are vulnerable, pain does the same. I beleive that the act of being grateful and happy with our position right here and now also helps. Life is a huge cycle although we only live a moment at a time 😀 if we make each and every moment count then they all add up to our entire existence 🙂 Much love xoxox and Thank you 😄😄

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  8. I am listening to a course in medical intuition by Caroline Myss and it is all about intuition and how to develop this skill. I couldn’t agree more that in today’s society is all about the rational and we have forgotten about the gift. I’m working on opening my gift.

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  9. Your observation is keen, we are all disconnected from our instincts.
    Though I do like the thought that I could be couscous.
    Love the cover photo.

    Seek peace,


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