Assumptions of an Ever Changing World – The Secrets of Decision Making


We are no stranger when it comes to decision making, by now one would think that we would have no problem at all in its participation…. Pfft, yea right! The thought of change alone, sends the shiver of uncertainty throughout our entire body. We are dealing with the unknown, and it’s only natural we feel this way.

Decisions can really take their toll, shattering our perception into thousands of pieces. Dragging us from left to right, only to leave one questioning the internal truths that were once believed. It is nothing more than an emotional rollercoaster.

One minute we are as confident as can be, the next we’re so confused we pinch ourselves in hope we will wake up from the nightmare we have indulged ourselves within.

But why do we put ourselves through such torture, such an insanity that takes us to the breaking point, each and every time!

Many times we already know the decision we would make, even before we have been dealt the stack. However when the opportunities eventually presents themselves, we instantly become an emotional train wreck, questioning each and every possibility known to man.

We have all come to meet, those individuals that don’t seem to threat a sweat when it comes to decision making. Those individuals that seem so confident within each dilemma that one has to only ask once, and within seconds their mind is made and set.

So why is this? How can they be so confident with the unknown, and how can we all learn to do this as well?

It’s quite simple really, these individuals acknowledge and understand a few basic principles. Firstly they have consciously decided their path in life, and have aligned their focus in achieve them. They have decided where they’re going and how they plan to get there. They Annelize the potential in each decision and decide which choice better suits and aligns with their motives. They understand that time is a virtual, that the more we swim within the oceans of uncertainty, the more we will be influenced and start second guessing our already knowing judgement.

Generally our first response to a decision at hand, is the true analysis of our hearts desires. The more we are consumed within the art of second guessing, the quicker our egos are self-invited to voice their concerns, and false beliefs to the discussions that take place within ourselves.

Some of us face the difficulty associated within even the smallest of decisions. This is due to the underline reason that we are simply taking each day as it comes. We either have no overarching destination or a somewhat idea, that we have not committed one hundred percent towards. We are still questioning where we wish to start and complete our journeys. We are simply driving down the road of uncertainty, waiting for the gas to run out, only take action when needed. No wonder decisions amplify the feeling of fear and uncertainty within us all.

With that said, decision making is not always easy. Especially when we are faced with those Major life decisions. Be relationships, deciding to start a family, commencing a new life in foreign territories, new career paths, etc. Which all present the potential to have a server impact in our waking lives. We tend to become insecure and question the thing we already know. We even tend to change our perception within the world around us, due to the emotional state we experience from it.

However decisions only become complex when they are influenced by one or more of the following categories;

  1. Fear- (fear of failure, uncertainty, not being adequate, lack of confidence or new experiences)
  2. Options that present similar or minor differences to each other
  3. And decisions that impact others and not in alignment with one another.

That life is forever changing, we know this. Within any moment the potential of change is evident and highly likely. We tend to lose sight of this so very often.

We become so comfortable within our routines that we forget we are only living within a chapter in our lives, and the pages are constantly turning. That nothing is forever, change is always around the corner.

When we remember this, we can start to dilute the patterns of thought, and future projection. That nothing is forever and provide us a little assurance to help make our decisions at hand.

That change is scary, but all new situations bring along new experiences. Never good and never bad, we choose to interoperate them as we like.

However, when we start to separate all the elements we can then choose to see it for what it is. I have come to find, that there are generally two major influences that shape all decision making.

Logic and Emotion.

Logic serves us wonders, however I find logic to speak an unknown language when it comes to matters of the heart and happiness. This is due to the underlined reason, that logic has a close relationship with our egos. And are generally influenced by fear.

Logic dictates situations upon past experiences, unknown future projections and internal understanding of who we are, and what is expected of us. It takes many factors into account, “how will I be judged by others, how will this affect my financial situation, and the general ‘WHAT IF” situations”

That logic serves its purpose, and can provide us with that little boost of confidence when needed, but I am here to say that logic, is only reassuring a predictable assumption in an ever changing world. So tell me, what is the logic in that that!

Let me repeat that again, Logic only reassures a predictable assumption, in an ever changing world!

Realise that we have to distance ourselves from the emotion attached to the choices at hand. Acknowledge that the more we indulge within the senses, the quicker we dilute all the smaller elements involved, which also hold a significance within our choices. They generally go unnoticed and ignored.

Understand that emotion is all generated, by our underline thoughts of the situation. We think of each and every scenario that could happen, based on a positive or negative frame of mind. Which in turn primes our internal state within the emotions we feel. And as you are aware, the most dominant feeling present at the time, usually amplifies the same response in all related situations. We project the world, from our internal emotions present, within the moment of time were living.

When others will be impacted, within our decisions, such as a relationship decision’s, deciding to start a family, or even creating a joint venture in business, etc. It is most important that you communicate with all parties involved. Be open and put all the cards on the table, express yourself and all your concerns. Table everything!

Remember that every decision you make, you must invest within it one hundred at ten percent. If you start questioning yourself, it is wise to revisit the thought patterns influencing your emotional state. Strip it away again and understand the logic, and emotions behind them. Understand which category your concern fit within. This will give you a more in-depth understanding to the internal dilemmas present within, then make a conscious decision you are willing to support. To give your word and commit to your decision is required. Because without a strong and solid foundation, even the tallest buildings will collapse in the event of a minor mishap.

Talking with others can be great to get another perspective on the situations, as their recommendations are not fuelled by your emotions. When one is not in direct affect to the decision at hand, they can interoperate the situation from a non-emotional state. However remember it will be interoperated within their life experiences and understanding. They only serve as an insight from another point of view. Take the time to hear their advice, as they may have some value that can be given towards the situations. However know that it is ultimately your decision to make and that you will be you left playing the card after it is drawn.

Remember that the effort we put into each and every situation will dictate our results! Why do we fear the unknown! Is it because we have a low self-esteem and lack of confidence within our potential we possess. That we know those who seek and practice in the art of persistence, will always find a way. There is no way we can lose if we are actively trying. Know your skill and practice its methods to success.

That life is forever changing, challenges are presented daily. Do we choose to raise to the challenge ahead or ignore them, it’s all up to us how we project it!

Life gives out what we put in, this is what we should understand. That if we always try and seek there will be a door in the mist. The question is, how prepared are you to prove your conscious wrong! That there is no right or wrong decision, there are only different opportunities at hand. We prime our responses before we are even dealt with the outcomes. We interoperate the situations prior to experiencing the true representation and opportunity’s at hand.

When we surrender to all the influences and see the decisions for what they are, it makes it easier to comprehend, remember it is just another chapter we choose to begin.

So always believe in yourself, there is only opportunity and new experiences to be gained.

I wish you all a world of happiness and best of luck in all your life changing decisions.Please feel free to leave your comments, Take care for now.









Battle of Tides Eliminating All Future Regrets



There are times in our lives that are wondrous and times of disappointment. That life is like a battle of tides, highs and lows. It is only when we start to acknowledge the discomfort, do we then become sea sick.

When times get me down, I always reflect on the teaching of free will. See our creator has blessed us all with this divine gift of free will. A gift for us all to choose and act upon any circumstance without distrains, and only truly questionable by us.

That you and I have both received this divine gift, all for our own use and judgement. Second to none, and nobody else in this world has the right to question it!

However there are times in our lives that creep up on us to flip the blanket of comfort from beneath our feet, causing us to fall head first. Usually a time of emotional confession and an overdrive of thought patterns. A time we are left questioning ourselves and the individuals we are, due to a false or over annualized representation, and perception from external eyes.

We are left believing the harsh words and rationalized content expressed about us, during a highly confusing and negatively fuelled situation we are dealt with from the outside world. A false and bias belief that affects us on an emotional level, amplifying the leverage of negative emotions, manipulating our state and then justifying its truth via the bombardons of energy we attach to these false belief systems.

We all have those individuals that we have emotionally connected ourselves to and interpreted them as our own. Those we consistently revolve our lives around, to the point we have infused them within our own personal journeys. Which is not a bad thing as such, but a lot of times we can become delusional and create a false perception of the circumstances and feelings at hand. Even though we consciously know that these certain individual serve us no good, we continue to manipulate these false beliefs and only take the good out of it, Ignoring the negativity even when the scales have tipped 10 to 1.

I have many individuals that written into me expressing their heartache towards loved ones distancing away, to only leave us with such a regret and false beliefs, that we are the solitary cause of their own personal dilemmas.

This is where this teaching of free will is so powerful to understand. See when these significant individuals make the decision to distance themselves, they actively choose to do it for themselves. They have made a conscious decision, not to invest anymore of their time within trying to amend and secure the relationships at hand. This is something we do not have the right to control nor change. This is their free will in action.

But to remember, that we must always express ourselves and put our hearts on the line, is all that we can do within these moments. To know that the choice is there for them to consider and make, Nice and Clear. It’s simply out of our hands.

See, for one to truly express their internal feelings, to the point that they are satisfied with their efforts, sets us free and enables us to let go of the burning coal of regret and anger that will be hold deep within us. We must stay true to ourselves.

A teaching I have incorporated, throughout my path in life and that truly holds a special meaning to me, as I hope that all the amazing individuals who are reading can also find its significance within it, is;

Don’t waste your time explaining yourself to others, because at the end of the day, you are the only one left explaining yourself to YOU!

Express yourself, within the situation, but do not go on explaining yourself for your actions as you are the only one at fault, and the one left to pick up the pieces.

Understand that we all play apart in a partnership, this is why communication is so important. But it always takes two individuals, to make it work, Not just one.

See when we embrace this saying, we can really eliminate all future regrets “I could have done this or I could have said that” See a regret is only created when we are not satisfied with our efforts.

Let me repeat this again, Regret Is Only Created When One Is Not Satisfied With Their Efforts.

To know we could have done or said more, will leave us explaining the situation and our action to no one but ourselves in time to come. Remember to express yourself fully, and you will be sure to release the burden of any future regrets.

Acknowledge that living unhappily and continue to do so, is not always healthy for us. Like a disease it will continue to consume us the more we hold onto it.

Keep in mind that, to try and change a person or their decision based on your own personal judgement, is an act of selfishness. Would we like it if somebody took our free will away from us and imprisoned us in a world of control! To think we are here, not for our own preference but for the sorrow of another, is not right and it will eventually take its toll on us in the future.

We are all great, we can do anything we set our minds to, that our life is a magical gift and we shouldn’t waste a minute of it in denial nor regret. After all our time on this earth is not forever, Hence why we should embrace each and every moment of it. 

That the more we focus on the problems, the more we will start to see flaws, even if they are not there.

As humans, we tend to look for the missing pieces in others, not understanding that we have to find them within ourselves. That people only guide us to the place where we can discover it from within, not the other way around.

It is only natural we reflect the cause of such a situation on us, when really everyone lives there own experiences from within their own beliefs.

Don’t corrupt your self-image from others infected thoughts or interpretation of you. They do not have that right, yet don’t hold the power to do so.

We don’t have to dilute our own self morals for other because they are misled or have a limited understanding. We keep our stance and keep the posture of goodness within us.

Know that you create your own love within yourself. We are all truly amazing people and we all obtain that special spark of uniqueness deep within.

If someone is an honest friend or holds a significance to us, they will always be back. This is not our burden to keep, it is a burning coal that they must learn to release.

So remember to always express yourself and your intentions, This is important.

To always show others how we feel. But most importantly, do not lose sight of the fact that if we consistently keep on persuade someone to forgive us, is not the honest approach either. It is something they should feel and understand the value within. That’s how we can filter the true honest individuals within our lives, and let the others fly free. We could have 100 friends, but remember the ones that come back are the golden eggs worth hatching.

We all deserve the best in our existence because were all amazing. I wish you a world of happiness and love.

Please feel free to leave your comments.

Until next time, Take care.

Story Of Expression (Valentines Edition)



With Valentine’s Day, just around the corner, countless couples all participate in the art of gift giving. And with so many festive celebrations each and every year, being birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. It gets harder and harder, to express ourselves and really show our appreciation towards these special individuals.

Many times we get caught up in blank pages, trying to brainstorm these genius ideas, in hope we can catch onto that spark of imagination that will bring it all together. And as the imagination doesn’t usually preform so well under pressure, we usually resort in giving the most common of gifts, being candy, flowers, gift cards and jewelry.

When it comes to that special someone, and being the Houdini of gift giving. You don’t have to be a mind reader. Everything your significant other wants, and desires, is on show, for all to see. It’s just making yourself aware of what to look for. This is where we become detectives!

We must understand, this simple insight, that “We all interoperate the world around us within our own experiences” our internal judgement, based on a bias understanding from our own reality.

We all live in our own little fantasy, and we all have our own take on the world. Your significant other, will perceive life, through their own eyes and experience. It’s learning to understand their language. That’s the trick.

See, we all subconsciously leave behind, hidden messages within each interaction, that express our untold desires.

From the way we dress, the color’s we are attracted to, and even in the way we talk. These are all different way of showing the world who we are.

Become aware of what your significant other reacts positively towards, their hobbies, what television shows they continuously watch, in the words they use, which can all indicates hidden messages. And most importantly what gestures they do for you!

Let’s say, your significant partner loves romantic comedies, especially the scene when, the couple express there deep undivided love, towards each other. Or be, that they continuously surprize you with small gifts of appreciation from time to time.

These are all subconscious expressions of their desires. They are simply expressing themselves to you through all these elements. We just never noticed before.

Listen in, to the story’s they say, feel their body language, how they talk about others and all the special moments in her dearest friends life, understand these are the hints they may crave for.

See, if we all perceive the world from our own internal understanding, then we are continuously expressing ourselves through all these hidden gestures. Where just not aware of it!

So now you understand what your partner respond to, how do we express this to them, in a unique yet lovable way?

By making a story of expression as I like to call it! This is where the fun really begins.

This is a method, of creating a range of desired response within your significant other, through a story of gestures.

If the desired responses, you wish to create within your significant other is love and surprise.

Then you must first think of these two elements separately, and then incorporate them together.

Let’s break it down.

How would one advocate the response surprise? Is it to do something unexpected that you wouldn’t normally do, or would it be to create a treasure hunt, that will eventually lead your significant other to find the surprise.

Once you have decided on your surprise element, it’s now time to incorporate the love element.

What type of love expression do you wish to express, Did your partner respond to romance, (that you understood from the romantic shows they continuously watch), or was it to relive an old memory’s, you had treasured together in the past.

Now you combined both elements together and fine tune your story.

An example of a story of expression would look something like this;

Elements: Surprise and Love

Surprise: Treasure hunt – Leave half a letter on the bed, surrounded by red rose petals, that reads “look in the spare room for the remaining letter”, when they walk into the spare room, they discover, lit  candles with a piece of beautiful jewelry, (be a watch or ear rings, they were looking at, the prior week you went shopping together). And Behind the Jewelry box the reaming letter reads, “Take a taxi to meet me at….……. (You can fill in the blank) at 1900hrs.

Love: Relive a treasured memory – Arrange a reservation at the place you had your first date

Then you incorporate it all together. That’s the power of the Story of Expressions.

See how, we have given them a gift, they have subconsciously informed us about, through all the external cues they have set off, and in turn see how you have incorporated, such a gesture through the story of expression to make sure it’s all about them.

Get creative, and have fun throughout the process. You might be surprised in the response you will receive!

Always remember that expressing your feelings and love towards your significant others, can be done at any time of the year. It’s important we don’t, always wait until Valentine’s Day or other festivity celebrations to express ourselves. Be unpredictable and have fun with it!

I wish everyone an amazing valentine’s day.

Until next time, Take care for now.

The Odds Are In Favour Part III

Apple, One of the world’s largest multinational technology corporations, originally operated out of a basic home garage. That’s right, and look at them now!

Steve Jobs, expressed a very insightful truth, when he stated ““Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you”.

Take a minute to let this statement sink in, and whist you’re doing so, start to look around your environment and really appreciate everything in your sight.

From the simple; Pens, Cutlery, Clothing, even the bracelets you’re wearing.  To the complex; Medicine, science, technology, mechanics.                                This was all created by the human race. Someone just like you and I.

Think of your idols, from super athletes to superstars, they were once children. And yes, they are somebody’s relatives and siblings as well. We are all faced with the same struggles on a daily basis, because at the end of the day, were all humans.

Explain to me, how these specific individuals can do something amazing and you can’t?

When we start to embrace Steve jobs teaching, it begins to ignite a spark of hope and intrigue within us. That we are all made from the same fabric, see we all have a mind, body and soul, we all feel emotions and process thoughts, don’t we. No one is truly smarter or better than another. It is how we choose to use our time that really come to show!

See we are not born with talent, talent is created once one becomes aware and intrigued by a certain skill. Then by continuous understanding, practice and willingness to learn. The skill is then developed into talent. Talent is what a skill becomes after its mastered!

There is such a misconception around talent. Many of us tend to use it as an excuse, instead of trying to understand what it’s all about, and recognize how to utilize its power. It’s easier to disregard something, when it seems hard and confusing. But if we only knew it was this easy all along!

We cultivate our own skills to create talent, by becoming aware and honing in on all its minuet skills and elements that are generally not noticed so evidently. It’s only when one starts to consciously notice and actively pays attention to it, do the patterns start to surface.

With continuous practice, we generally start to create our own unique style towards that skill, and that’s when things start to become fun. When we really start to focus and put all our energy into our desires, do we reach to achieve greatness! After all, the effort is always put in, behind the curtains, the presentation that is revealed to all, is only the celebration of our achievements.

One may say, if we can master talents, then there must be a way to advantage this resource we possess? And this absolutely correct, Let me explain.

When one want to learn a desired skill, we must understand the knowledge and basis of it first. That there is never one way to skin a cat, as they say! You must simply understand what suits you.

Many times, you can take the time to seek an understanding from others, to help you recognize their process. However there will be times that you don’t agree with them, which is fine. If something doesn’t work for you, don’t be discouraged, this is only their process that works for them, not you.

Remember, that you know yourself better than anyone else. Trust me!

One way to utilize your prior knowledge, is to think of a skill you have already mastered in the past and see how it had served you. This will give you a head start.

See when one earns a degree, they did not just learn the knowledge of that subject, No! They learnt a range of useful skills within its process. They learnt, Patience, how effort pays off, being on time and the consequence. They learnt sacrifice, talking in front of large crowds during presentations, being social, etc. These elements are all important within our success. There is never one element that creates success, there a many! And how you choose to integrate them, is all up to you. We create our own flawless approach, all on our own.

Once you understand this, you can continue to advantage your situations. That there is never lost time, only time used poorly and time used efficiently.

We learn something every moment of our existence, how much we learn and obtain, is up to us!

Let’s say you are a mother and you want to work in the corporate world, now that your children are grown up. You can use your skills that you learnt during motherhood, to advantage your position within the organization, by altering your learning style to suit yourself.

It’s the way we choose to process and retain the information that can serve real benefit to us. You can process the information in a way you have already mastered in the past, by relating it towards an already acquired skills.

See during motherhood, you would have learnt a wide range of skills that you can incorporate into your corporate position. Such as; scheduling re-occurring activities for the kids, bed times, keeping the house hold clean, managing young kids and tutoring. All these skills can be transitioned into the corporate world as well, such as scheduling meetings, managing activity’s, introducing processes to keep the workplace safe and neat, etc.

Now let’s take it to another extreme, say you were an auto mechanic learning to become a doctor. You could relate certain parts of the body to an engine. This may help you remember the concept of how the body works. “Humans drink water to keep hydrated, as a car requires water to avoid overheating.”  See how we can integrate our past skills to advantage us in the now, in all we do. And see how you made your own style of it.

If you relate a complex subject into something you have already mastered you are sure to have it remembered easier. Remember, It’s not the smartest individuals that change the world, it’s the most Driven and persistent. Or as Charles Darwin said, the most adaptable.

So always remember that the odds are truly in our favour 1 to over 7 billion, the evidence is right in front of us all, and it always has been.

Use these teachings as a constant reminder of truth. That we are all connected through, the six degrees of separation, or should I say the 3 degrees of separation, all we have to do is Ask, Seek and Knock, because, Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.

Please feel free, to leave any comments you may have, Take care for now.


The Collaboration Continues, With A Spice Of Passion!


Hello Everyone, 

I have been keeping busy, supporting this amazing group of individuals, prepare another amazing song to share with the world.

I have posted a link below, If everyone can help us share it around, that would be truly appreciated. 😀 and feel free to provide comments.


Enjoy and Take Care.

Collaboration with truly Amazing individuals

Hello Everyone.

I have been working with a band in Australia, called Rythem Dream.

They are an amazing unit of boys, very inspiring and talanted musicians.

i have posted a link below, Can you please help share it around and feel free to provide comments 😁

I wrote the lyrics to the song, would also love your feedback.

Enjoy and take care.


​That famous saying seeing is believing, What if I said Believing is seeing!  

That famous saying seeing is believing, What if I said Believing is seeing!  You would think I have gone mad right! And what if I told you, that we interpret the world based on our emotions, would you believe me!
Imagine you started listing down all the red coloured objects that pass your sight during the day, you will notice a strange and wonderful thing. You will start to notice so many objects that are coloured red around you, that you never noticed before. From your home, to your work place or even by just taking a walk outside.You will even start to notice things that resemble the colour red and accept them for being close to red.

It’s not that all those objects have magically appeared overnight, or that everybody just decided to rent a red car for the day. No, it’s because you’re actively focused on noticing the colour red, that those objects have become a prime focus to you within that moment. They have always been there, you just have not noticed them before, because let’s face it, what’s the big deal right, if its red or not! Unlike Love, Health, Financial, Quality of life etc. that hold an importance to us, we as humans do not focus on things that we don’t think we can benefit from.

But let’s have a look at this concept from another angle!

Using this concept above, it perfectly shows how we can interpret our views in the world judged on our current situations. See when we’re feeling upset, we start to focus on that feeling, we change the filters (our focus) within our lenses (our eyes) to interpret the situation.  We simply put on our unhappy glasses!

As we focus on the sad feelings, we start to reinforce more negative emotions within us, we then start to see the world within the feelings were experiencing at that exact moment. We feel sad, so we start to subconsciously focus on all the things around us that have or can make us upset, because that’s the feeling were experiencing.

It makes sense, just remember a time you got into an argument with a significant other. Let’s say they lied to you and it has shaken your emotions. Within that moment your mad at them, your mind will start to ponder and think of all the times they may of lied to you, or mislead you in the passed for their own convenience. Even if they did start explaining themselves, you would simply interpret there explanation in a bias manner to the current feelings your experiencing within that moment of time. You could even find yourself influenced to the point that you start focusing in on the slightest signs of deception as they talk, honing into their eyes, body language and even trying to catch a slight smirk from their lips, just to see if you can catch them out again and validate your feelings, depending on how much their lie has affected you.

But let’s say they surprized you and made you feel loved. You would instead reinforce that feeling of love and remember all those small gestures they have done for you over time and feel more love towards them, which will validate your emotion and thoughts. We simply see the world through the eyes of our emotions!
Once we grasp this understanding, that what we focus on, we start noticing and reinforcing its truth, we can then start to adjust our lenses in a way that can benefit us and our happiness in life.
Try this, wake up tomorrow morning and start focussing on love and Joyous things around you. I bet there are more things than you can list on paper that you haven’t noticed before. Remember no matter how big or small they may be, they all count! There is something about making a list of all the joyous things you have been through or you have around you that makes a world of difference. As you see the page fill up, you start to reinforce its truth and you start to feel even more amazing. Dont forget to feel the joyous emotions as you are thinking of each item and recreate that place of abundance your entitled to, it will reinforce its truth and make the experience even more fulfilling.

So what are you waiting for, change those old and overused glasses to a pair of new Ray bans and start enjoying your life today!
Please feel free to leave any comments, until next time Take Care.

Basis of Human Behavior


Once we understand the Basics, we can uncode the world!

I believe that everything in life, no matter how complex or difficult it may seem, with the right understanding can become as easy as learning to walk, And as all good teachings, once you understand the basis that supports the principles of the teachings, you will find it easier to see how every component of it is reflective to its core principles.

Even walking starts with a basic understanding of principles such as balancing and gravity, people seem to forget when we began to walk at young. We did not understand what gravity was or why balancing was so important, but naturally we created our own understanding of how to use these sets of laws and principles to assist us in achieving our goal to walk. By continuously falling down caused by our improper positioning or miss judgment of our step, we quickly learnt that we must adjust something to achieve our next step. At this young age we did not understand the laws of gravity, we just understood the consequences of falling down if we Miss Judge our next move, and with this understanding we used the available information to achieve our desired outcome. This interpretation became our basic understanding, our foundation if you like.

But unlike walking, why is it so hard to understand the basis of human behavior, these basic principles that drive us and influence our actions?                                                              And why isn’t it thoroughly taught to us during our upbringing?

Unlike walking which requires continuous physical practice to cultivate the skill, Human behavior is created by default, it’s created naturally and subconsciously. As social creatures we primarily learn from our upbringing and surroundings, which shapes our beliefs on life and our understanding of ourselves.

So the question is, what are the basics of human behavior and why do we react the way we do?

Before we start, please read through this content with an open mind, this is my understanding through my own experiences and external knowledge I have been exposed to in my journey through life, I hope you can relate to it and give you an insight to yourself.

Now let’s begin, what are the Basics of human behaviors.                                              We as humans all act on emotions and feeling. When we are born into existence we have no form of known communication or understanding on anything, we are simply aliens in a new world.

In our early stages of life, we notice a sense of discomfort and from that discomfort we start to cry, not knowing why we cry, it’s caused by our human instinct. We simply act on the feeling of discomfort which causes us to cry. As our time goes on, we understand that from our actions of crying, it rewards us with attention, and quickly we cultivate it as a resource to benefit us. We learn that when we cry we get attention and in return we are rewarded with food, water, comfort etc. We attach a feeling of satisfaction to the action and in return we understand that if we cry, we get what we want and it makes us happy. (We get reward for our action if you like). As we go on in our journeys of life we start to pay attention to our internal instincts, feelings and also through what we see others doing, we are taught right from wrong, rewarded for our good deeds and disciplined for our acts of mischief. Not knowing why something is right from wrong for ourselves we use feeling and internal emotion to be the judge of our actions. As we get older we start to become conscious of another element. An element that creates the emotions and feeling in the first place, and the most important of all… the Mind

So when we felt the feeling of discomfort when we were younger caused by hunger, our instincts were triggered by our Mind, which sent off a command of discomfort (The feeling/emotion triggered by our mind), which in turn caused us to cry (The action generated from the feeling/emotion) So with that said we can see that the basis of Human behaviors are triggered from;

Mind – Emotion – Action                                                                                                                The mind sends a message to body that creates a feeling which in turn influences our actions.

But then the question arises, how does the mind control our day to day actions, if it’s not triggering a survival response such as hunger?

With the above concept in mind, we can see the basics of how our survival responses are activated and influence our actions in a time of need. We can use this same understanding as a foundation to help us understand how we can influence our day to day actions and start to take control of our lives. Like our survival responses, the Mind is responsible for triggering every emotion we feel, which in return influences our actions. If we start to pay close attention to your emotions/feelings and question ourselves “why am I feeling this emotion/feeling”, you will see there is an underlined thought attached to it. The power of thought to me is the basis of human behavior and the key to driving emotions and actions, but only once a thought has been accepted has the process begun. Once we accept a thought it becomes a belief.

Now a belief is a thought that has been repeated so many times that our minds start to believe it to be true.

And once a belief has been accepted, the belief will start to generate an emotion and attach it to the belief, once you have attached emotion to that belief it now reinforces it to be true and it starts to shape the basis of your personality, it defines your life, purpose and experiences.

For example, if someone had a thought of being overweight, and repeated that thought over and over again, they would start believing it’s true, it will become a belief, then with the addition of attaching emotions to it, it reinforces it and amplify the acceptance of it, we in other words reward the thought with our acceptance. We will subconsciously believe it to be true and as a result we will create an insecurity (Which is the emotion) which will shape the way we look at ourselves and carry ourselves in the world.

Many times we have false beliefs we attach to our realities, as humans act upon emotion. We live busy and stressful lives, and most times we do not understand that the emotion has been triggered by the mind, a thought we created subconsciously. We are mislead by our emotions and create concrete beliefs solely on a sense of reward or sensation generated by the action, not understanding the basis of why. We don’t question ourselves, we just act on the impulses. Let me explain this in a little more detail. When you eat junk food, you feel good, there is a good sensation we feel, we are rewarded for our action. We have now generated a feeling of happiness to this action, we have associated junk food as a reward. Even though we have been taught that too much junk food is bad for our health, we continue to eat it, now eating junk food every now and then isn’t a bad thing but when we continue to eat it, we tend to see the reverse affects. So why do we still crave it for, if we know it’s bad for us?

This is because the reward feeling we get from eating junk food, is amplified more than the consequence of not eating it. Because the reward feeling affects us more physically than that the thought of being UN healthy (the consequence), we subconsciously reinforce the belief to be more realistic than the thought of it being bad for us, because it has more feeling and physical reality attached to it. Further we then store this belief as a reward and compensate it in other aspects of our lives, we use it as a tool and we continue to further reinforce its belief. When we feel upset we then start to turn to junk food because we know that it make us happy and provide a temporary relief to our pain, We musk our true thoughts and reasons why we are down and replace it with a trigger of junk food, this is how an addiction starts, but I will talk more about addictions in my future posts. We have simply attached an emotion of reward to this food, so when life’s got us down and we don’t feel good about ourselves we resort to a quick boost of happiness given from this junk food.

So instead of giving into temptation why not ask yourself, “Why am I feeling down for”

When we start questioning ourselves, we take matters into our own hands, we regain control of our emotions again, now your thought has someone to answer to, instead of doing whatever it wants, I think of my thoughts like a child, when the child is alone, it is free to do as it likes, however once a parent is constantly paying attention to them, and questioning them, they start to become more conservative.

Now let’s say you’re feeling down because you didn’t get that job promotion at work, start to question yourself “how does that make me feel, does it makes me feel like I’m no good, that I’m not appreciated, that I’m not wanted?” How is that attached to junk food, it’s got nothing to do with it, does it!

It’s really amazing stuff when you get to understand it,

See how a thought of not being good enough has just defines the way you feel, your thoughts are only true if you believe them and attach enough emotion to it. If you choose to look at them from a different light and say, I don’t need that promotion to define my greatness, you start to feel more amazing in yourself, and if you continue to repeat this and attach enough positive emotion to it, that’s will intern become your new self-belief this will become your new value you give to yourself. This is the power you possess, you have now chosen to take control of your emotions, and with enough practice you will be a master of your feelings and thoughts, to shape your entire world.

A great exercise you can use to see how our thoughts trigger your emotions is to close your eyes for a minute and start to praise yourself, think of all your amazing qualities and experiences you have and have been through or even imagine the person you wish to become, attach as much emotion to it as possible, the more senses you can utilise the more real it will feel, then start to notice how your body start changing to reflect the thought and emotions your creating.

So again once, understand that your Mind (thoughts) create a Feeling (Emotion) which influences your Actions, this to me is the basics of human behavior, you can now start to take control of your life and shape your journey.

That’s how simple it gets, isn’t it easier to understand once you have grasped the basics.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog, please stay turned for more content in the near future, I will explain in more detail in future posts how you can start to take advantage of your thoughts to maximize your potential and a load of tips and tricks to help you take control of your life.

Remember to question yourself and your emotions, pay attention to your inner thoughts and take advantage of your situations. Please feel free to leave your comments below, take care for now.


The Art of Simplistic Insights

That we are not all the same, this is a known. We are all unique, one of a kind, a real masterpiece!

Our life is truly one unlike anybody else’s in this existance.Just ponder on that thought for a second….

The world consists of over 7 billion individuals, that means over 7 billion unique storys, veiws and experiences are created every moment of our existance!

Thats an amazing thought.

This blog is all about my insights ive learnt along my journey of life through personal experiences and external resources. This blog was created in hope of giving the reader a unique yet simplistic point of veiw to inner human mechanics which are usually overlooked, and provide a different perspective of thought, and understanding, to help highlight the simple factors that contribute to our journey of life.

We grow through our experiences and experiences of others, Why not share mine with the world in hope someone else can grow. Because When its Simple its Easy!