Coins Of A Narrow Path- As The Jar Fills The More We Invest

Battle of Tides Eliminating All Future Regrets



There are times in our lives that are wondrous and times of disappointment. That life is like a battle of tides, highs and lows. It is only when we start to acknowledge the discomfort, do we then become sea sick.

When times get me down, I always reflect on the teaching of free will. See our creator has blessed us all with this divine gift of free will. A gift for us all to choose and act upon any circumstance without distrains, and only truly questionable by us.

That you and I have both received this divine gift, all for our own use and judgement. Second to none, and nobody else in this world has the right to question it!

However there are times in our lives that creep up on us to flip the blanket of comfort from beneath our feet, causing us to fall head first. Usually a time of emotional confession and an overdrive of thought patterns. A time we are left questioning ourselves and the individuals we are, due to a false or over annualized representation, and perception from external eyes.

We are left believing the harsh words and rationalized content expressed about us, during a highly confusing and negatively fuelled situation we are dealt with from the outside world. A false and bias belief that affects us on an emotional level, amplifying the leverage of negative emotions, manipulating our state and then justifying its truth via the bombardons of energy we attach to these false belief systems.

We all have those individuals that we have emotionally connected ourselves to and interpreted them as our own. Those we consistently revolve our lives around, to the point we have infused them within our own personal journeys. Which is not a bad thing as such, but a lot of times we can become delusional and create a false perception of the circumstances and feelings at hand. Even though we consciously know that these certain individual serve us no good, we continue to manipulate these false beliefs and only take the good out of it, Ignoring the negativity even when the scales have tipped 10 to 1.

I have many individuals that written into me expressing their heartache towards loved ones distancing away, to only leave us with such a regret and false beliefs, that we are the solitary cause of their own personal dilemmas.

This is where this teaching of free will is so powerful to understand. See when these significant individuals make the decision to distance themselves, they actively choose to do it for themselves. They have made a conscious decision, not to invest anymore of their time within trying to amend and secure the relationships at hand. This is something we do not have the right to control nor change. This is their free will in action.

But to remember, that we must always express ourselves and put our hearts on the line, is all that we can do within these moments. To know that the choice is there for them to consider and make, Nice and Clear. It’s simply out of our hands.

See, for one to truly express their internal feelings, to the point that they are satisfied with their efforts, sets us free and enables us to let go of the burning coal of regret and anger that will be hold deep within us. We must stay true to ourselves.

A teaching I have incorporated, throughout my path in life and that truly holds a special meaning to me, as I hope that all the amazing individuals who are reading can also find its significance within it, is;

Don’t waste your time explaining yourself to others, because at the end of the day, you are the only one left explaining yourself to YOU!

Express yourself, within the situation, but do not go on explaining yourself for your actions as you are the only one at fault, and the one left to pick up the pieces.

Understand that we all play apart in a partnership, this is why communication is so important. But it always takes two individuals, to make it work, Not just one.

See when we embrace this saying, we can really eliminate all future regrets “I could have done this or I could have said that” See a regret is only created when we are not satisfied with our efforts.

Let me repeat this again, Regret Is Only Created When One Is Not Satisfied With Their Efforts.

To know we could have done or said more, will leave us explaining the situation and our action to no one but ourselves in time to come. Remember to express yourself fully, and you will be sure to release the burden of any future regrets.

Acknowledge that living unhappily and continue to do so, is not always healthy for us. Like a disease it will continue to consume us the more we hold onto it.

Keep in mind that, to try and change a person or their decision based on your own personal judgement, is an act of selfishness. Would we like it if somebody took our free will away from us and imprisoned us in a world of control! To think we are here, not for our own preference but for the sorrow of another, is not right and it will eventually take its toll on us in the future.

We are all great, we can do anything we set our minds to, that our life is a magical gift and we shouldn’t waste a minute of it in denial nor regret. After all our time on this earth is not forever, Hence why we should embrace each and every moment of it. 

That the more we focus on the problems, the more we will start to see flaws, even if they are not there.

As humans, we tend to look for the missing pieces in others, not understanding that we have to find them within ourselves. That people only guide us to the place where we can discover it from within, not the other way around.

It is only natural we reflect the cause of such a situation on us, when really everyone lives there own experiences from within their own beliefs.

Don’t corrupt your self-image from others infected thoughts or interpretation of you. They do not have that right, yet don’t hold the power to do so.

We don’t have to dilute our own self morals for other because they are misled or have a limited understanding. We keep our stance and keep the posture of goodness within us.

Know that you create your own love within yourself. We are all truly amazing people and we all obtain that special spark of uniqueness deep within.

If someone is an honest friend or holds a significance to us, they will always be back. This is not our burden to keep, it is a burning coal that they must learn to release.

So remember to always express yourself and your intentions, This is important.

To always show others how we feel. But most importantly, do not lose sight of the fact that if we consistently keep on persuade someone to forgive us, is not the honest approach either. It is something they should feel and understand the value within. That’s how we can filter the true honest individuals within our lives, and let the others fly free. We could have 100 friends, but remember the ones that come back are the golden eggs worth hatching.

We all deserve the best in our existence because were all amazing. I wish you a world of happiness and love.

Please feel free to leave your comments.

Until next time, Take care.

Story Of Expression (Valentines Edition)



With Valentine’s Day, just around the corner, countless couples all participate in the art of gift giving. And with so many festive celebrations each and every year, being birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. It gets harder and harder, to express ourselves and really show our appreciation towards these special individuals.

Many times we get caught up in blank pages, trying to brainstorm these genius ideas, in hope we can catch onto that spark of imagination that will bring it all together. And as the imagination doesn’t usually preform so well under pressure, we usually resort in giving the most common of gifts, being candy, flowers, gift cards and jewelry.

When it comes to that special someone, and being the Houdini of gift giving. You don’t have to be a mind reader. Everything your significant other wants, and desires, is on show, for all to see. It’s just making yourself aware of what to look for. This is where we become detectives!

We must understand, this simple insight, that “We all interoperate the world around us within our own experiences” our internal judgement, based on a bias understanding from our own reality.

We all live in our own little fantasy, and we all have our own take on the world. Your significant other, will perceive life, through their own eyes and experience. It’s learning to understand their language. That’s the trick.

See, we all subconsciously leave behind, hidden messages within each interaction, that express our untold desires.

From the way we dress, the color’s we are attracted to, and even in the way we talk. These are all different way of showing the world who we are.

Become aware of what your significant other reacts positively towards, their hobbies, what television shows they continuously watch, in the words they use, which can all indicates hidden messages. And most importantly what gestures they do for you!

Let’s say, your significant partner loves romantic comedies, especially the scene when, the couple express there deep undivided love, towards each other. Or be, that they continuously surprize you with small gifts of appreciation from time to time.

These are all subconscious expressions of their desires. They are simply expressing themselves to you through all these elements. We just never noticed before.

Listen in, to the story’s they say, feel their body language, how they talk about others and all the special moments in her dearest friends life, understand these are the hints they may crave for.

See, if we all perceive the world from our own internal understanding, then we are continuously expressing ourselves through all these hidden gestures. Where just not aware of it!

So now you understand what your partner respond to, how do we express this to them, in a unique yet lovable way?

By making a story of expression as I like to call it! This is where the fun really begins.

This is a method, of creating a range of desired response within your significant other, through a story of gestures.

If the desired responses, you wish to create within your significant other is love and surprise.

Then you must first think of these two elements separately, and then incorporate them together.

Let’s break it down.

How would one advocate the response surprise? Is it to do something unexpected that you wouldn’t normally do, or would it be to create a treasure hunt, that will eventually lead your significant other to find the surprise.

Once you have decided on your surprise element, it’s now time to incorporate the love element.

What type of love expression do you wish to express, Did your partner respond to romance, (that you understood from the romantic shows they continuously watch), or was it to relive an old memory’s, you had treasured together in the past.

Now you combined both elements together and fine tune your story.

An example of a story of expression would look something like this;

Elements: Surprise and Love

Surprise: Treasure hunt – Leave half a letter on the bed, surrounded by red rose petals, that reads “look in the spare room for the remaining letter”, when they walk into the spare room, they discover, lit  candles with a piece of beautiful jewelry, (be a watch or ear rings, they were looking at, the prior week you went shopping together). And Behind the Jewelry box the reaming letter reads, “Take a taxi to meet me at….……. (You can fill in the blank) at 1900hrs.

Love: Relive a treasured memory – Arrange a reservation at the place you had your first date

Then you incorporate it all together. That’s the power of the Story of Expressions.

See how, we have given them a gift, they have subconsciously informed us about, through all the external cues they have set off, and in turn see how you have incorporated, such a gesture through the story of expression to make sure it’s all about them.

Get creative, and have fun throughout the process. You might be surprised in the response you will receive!

Always remember that expressing your feelings and love towards your significant others, can be done at any time of the year. It’s important we don’t, always wait until Valentine’s Day or other festivity celebrations to express ourselves. Be unpredictable and have fun with it!

I wish everyone an amazing valentine’s day.

Until next time, Take care for now.