Curve Balls

Theres no such thing as an unpleasent coincidence!

We all have those chapters in our lives, where we struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those times of absolute confusion and frustration it seems that giving up is the only option left in our deck of cards.

We sink into negativity letting it get the best of us, and like quicksand, the more we panic the faster we are consumed. We go arms deep in hope to release our feet, yet we intensify our circumstances not realising were making the situation worse.

We must understand that every equal action will result in a greater reaction of the same thing. That you don’t put out fire with fire, you must use the opposite element which is water.

Let’s say you wake up late for work, from the get go you start to experience a state of panic, as you run out your room, you hit your toe on the corner of the couch, now you’re feeling a state of physical pain, you forget to brush your teeth, and wear an un ironed shirt, now you experience a state of paranoia, on your way to work, you get caught up in the peak hour traffic and it continues to add to your original state of frustration, then comes the negative self-talk, “What if I get fired, Why did I have to sleep in” and the cycle keeps going on and on. Don’t you wish this day will just end already!

This concept above makes it easy to see how one negative reaction leads to another, and how closely they all connect. See we continue to add fuel to your fire, intensifying the feeling of negativity and pain within us, not realising that by acknowledging such a state and giving into the sensations it creates. We worsen our circumstances and influence our ongoing actions from a poor state of mind, which exposes us to more suffering.

By stepping back and seeing a situation for what it is, we can start to understand all the element that are contributing to our ongoing suffering. We keep adding to our pain with more pain, and slowly but surely, the jar starts to fill until we reach the breaking point.

It’s always good to remember that we draw energy off every circumstance, be big or small they all contribute in leading us to that point of despair.

Try this, next time you are experiencing a day of unfortunate events. Step back and list down all your circumstances that have occurred throughout the day. Start to connect the dots, and realise the patterns of how they all feed off each other. Become aware of how they all intensify that negative state within you. Also remember that if you incorporate to use the reverse action you will get the reverse outcome. 

So when you’re feeling frustrated, go for a walk or take some alone time just to regain focus again. If you’re feeling unpleasant, do something you love to keep those amazing feeling growing within you, and within the actions you take during the day. 

As love will attract more love, you will notice how your day will start to brighten up. Memorize the key saying Every Equal Action Will Result in a Greater Reaction of the Same Thing” This should keep you on your toes, be your secret weapon if you like. Let it help remind you, that it may be time to take a step back and re-evaluate the circumstances from an opposing perspective. As flowers need sunlight to grow we too need happiness to experience love.

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  1. I absolutely agree in the point that we need full awareness of our circumstance in other to adjust our perspective of it. Also true that every action has a corresponding reaction of the same thing.
    Insightful post!

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  2. Some very good advice here! Thank you for following my blog. I’m sure we will share visits as we go along…

    Enjoy your day,

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  3. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Asking “Why did this happen to me, when I had tried so hard to be good?” didn’t really help. I eventually recognized that I had played a part in why my husband left after 20 years, but I still didn’t understand why he broke his promise. It just made me beat myself up and think badly about myself. But in time, I learned to love myself again, and to begin to forgive. And that’s when things started to get better. Way better!


    1. JoAnna, I am humbled, you have taken the time out of your day, to share your insights with me, I am truly grateful.
      Firstly, I would like to express, my gratitude, from you reaching out, it has inspired me to draft a new post, so I am honestly grateful for that 🙂 its great you are doing so well, it is honestly an amazing feeling when we set ourselves free from anger and regret and take our self control back! Well Done 🙂 Yours truly SimplistcInsights

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      1. Your post inspired me. Not just with this comment, but it inspired me to draft a new post from the comment! What a dynamic and encouraging process all around! Blessings to you! 🙂 And thank you for your inspiring insights.

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