Story Of Expression (Valentines Edition)



With Valentine’s Day, just around the corner, countless couples all participate in the art of gift giving. And with so many festive celebrations each and every year, being birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. It gets harder and harder, to express ourselves and really show our appreciation towards these special individuals.

Many times we get caught up in blank pages, trying to brainstorm these genius ideas, in hope we can catch onto that spark of imagination that will bring it all together. And as the imagination doesn’t usually preform so well under pressure, we usually resort in giving the most common of gifts, being candy, flowers, gift cards and jewelry.

When it comes to that special someone, and being the Houdini of gift giving. You don’t have to be a mind reader. Everything your significant other wants, and desires, is on show, for all to see. It’s just making yourself aware of what to look for. This is where we become detectives!

We must understand, this simple insight, that “We all interoperate the world around us within our own experiences” our internal judgement, based on a bias understanding from our own reality.

We all live in our own little fantasy, and we all have our own take on the world. Your significant other, will perceive life, through their own eyes and experience. It’s learning to understand their language. That’s the trick.

See, we all subconsciously leave behind, hidden messages within each interaction, that express our untold desires.

From the way we dress, the color’s we are attracted to, and even in the way we talk. These are all different way of showing the world who we are.

Become aware of what your significant other reacts positively towards, their hobbies, what television shows they continuously watch, in the words they use, which can all indicates hidden messages. And most importantly what gestures they do for you!

Let’s say, your significant partner loves romantic comedies, especially the scene when, the couple express there deep undivided love, towards each other. Or be, that they continuously surprize you with small gifts of appreciation from time to time.

These are all subconscious expressions of their desires. They are simply expressing themselves to you through all these elements. We just never noticed before.

Listen in, to the story’s they say, feel their body language, how they talk about others and all the special moments in her dearest friends life, understand these are the hints they may crave for.

See, if we all perceive the world from our own internal understanding, then we are continuously expressing ourselves through all these hidden gestures. Where just not aware of it!

So now you understand what your partner respond to, how do we express this to them, in a unique yet lovable way?

By making a story of expression as I like to call it! This is where the fun really begins.

This is a method, of creating a range of desired response within your significant other, through a story of gestures.

If the desired responses, you wish to create within your significant other is love and surprise.

Then you must first think of these two elements separately, and then incorporate them together.

Let’s break it down.

How would one advocate the response surprise? Is it to do something unexpected that you wouldn’t normally do, or would it be to create a treasure hunt, that will eventually lead your significant other to find the surprise.

Once you have decided on your surprise element, it’s now time to incorporate the love element.

What type of love expression do you wish to express, Did your partner respond to romance, (that you understood from the romantic shows they continuously watch), or was it to relive an old memory’s, you had treasured together in the past.

Now you combined both elements together and fine tune your story.

An example of a story of expression would look something like this;

Elements: Surprise and Love

Surprise: Treasure hunt – Leave half a letter on the bed, surrounded by red rose petals, that reads “look in the spare room for the remaining letter”, when they walk into the spare room, they discover, lit  candles with a piece of beautiful jewelry, (be a watch or ear rings, they were looking at, the prior week you went shopping together). And Behind the Jewelry box the reaming letter reads, “Take a taxi to meet me at….……. (You can fill in the blank) at 1900hrs.

Love: Relive a treasured memory – Arrange a reservation at the place you had your first date

Then you incorporate it all together. That’s the power of the Story of Expressions.

See how, we have given them a gift, they have subconsciously informed us about, through all the external cues they have set off, and in turn see how you have incorporated, such a gesture through the story of expression to make sure it’s all about them.

Get creative, and have fun throughout the process. You might be surprised in the response you will receive!

Always remember that expressing your feelings and love towards your significant others, can be done at any time of the year. It’s important we don’t, always wait until Valentine’s Day or other festivity celebrations to express ourselves. Be unpredictable and have fun with it!

I wish everyone an amazing valentine’s day.

Until next time, Take care for now.

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  1. This is the one month you can show love to ANYONE. Send a note or flowers to a widower or a widow on Valentine’s Day. Show a single parent kindness by watching the kids for a few hours. Bake cookies to deliver to housebound men and women. Flowers are a good thing to share with anyone. I love February!

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  2. What if you don’t get to watch tv with your significant other and you haven’t been on a date yet? Surprises and Love, I hope Valentines Day is Special although I feel unprepared bc I don’t exactly know what she wants besides love?? Just curious.

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  3. One of the most romantic gifts I received was a dresser. When we first moved in together I didn’t have one so he went out and bought me one for my birthday. It was so incredibly thoughtful on his part and the dresser is beautiful.

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  4. Interesting post. My angle on many of these celebration dates is that we are all force-fed the idea that we need to buy gifts otherwise we are seen as sub-standard individuals…when what most of these occasions really are are commercial enterprises, perhaps with the exception of birthdays which can of course be anytime. There is a lot to be said for thinking outside the box and celebrating in your own way and even at your own time because you shouldn’t need a set date to tell someone you care. 🙂

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    1. This is exactly right Graham, we shouldnt wait for these dates to express our love to everyone, each and everyday is the same as another. we should embrace each and every moment 😀 thank you so much for your insights 🙂

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    2. Yes, I agree with Graham. Whilst the commercialization and commodification of many aspects of Valentine’s Day can be deplorable or undesirable for various reasons, we as individuals can still find ways to transcend and sublimate our loves for others.

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  5. Thank you for your wonderfully written post and the keen observations shown herein! I especially like your following statements or recommendations:

    That’s the power of the Story of Expressions.

    Get creative, and have fun throughout the process. You might be surprised in the response you will receive!

    Be unpredictable and have fun with it!

    And I hope that in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, or of romantic Love in general at any time of the year, my own two following posts have lived up to your statements or recommendations in many regards:

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  6. Dear friend,

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Maybe a gift on a certain day, like Valentine’s day, like Xmas and other days may be there to remember our friends, relatives and beloved ones. However, isn’t it even more beautiful to have this attitude – as we usually have on these certain days – every day that we remember our beloved ones and even those people who are not so close to us with love and hugs from our heart? – Then surely every day there would be Valentine’s day, Xmas and so forth. This I consider as a real gift for our fellow human beings – and it does not even cost anything… These strong and warm feelings will reach their hearts even if oceans are inbetween them and they will feel the vibrating love…

    All good wishes

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  7. Ah Unfortunately the day passed with my other half working many miles away, but we did celebrate it, much later that week though not as romantically as in the variety of suggestions you posted. For this pair being together is a treat and a treasure.

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    1. Thats amazing 🙂 its all the little things we treasure the most 🙂 its funny when we are seperated a little from our significant ones, how much more we appriciate their company, i am so glad you enjoyed your speacial day with him, remember that everyday is a valentines day, in the arms of our loved ones 😀 ❤❤❤

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